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Beautiful, Calming Peace

When anxiety is an intrusive reality that steals your peace, holds you captive to fear, and imposes itself between you and longed-for calmness, the God of all comfort invites you to turn your gaze toward heaven.

Prayers to Calm Your Anxious Heart offers 100 reassuring devotions and Scripture-based prayers that will shift your focus toward truth, restore your hope, and fill your soul with peace.

Every devotion offers...

  • brief yet meaningful teachings to give you encouragement and inspiration
  • relevant Scripture verses to ground you in God's promises
  • expressive prayers to keep your heart riveted on truth
  • space to write out your own thoughts and reflections

You don't have to dwell in anxiety. Instead, pray. Breathe. And let your heart rest in God's calming presence.

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Dare to Believe

Every woman struggles to believe she is who God says she is and to believe the stunning promises He whispers to her heart. But when you’re a hot mess (and we all are to one degree or another), it’s hard to imagine things can be different—that you can be different.

Author Julie Gillies has experienced broken dreams, trauma, and plenty of drama, but she has also encountered the holy hope and promises of God. 
In From Hot Mess to Blessed she helps you...
·        understand your identity in Christ instead of believing “I’ll always be this way”
·        embrace your true significance instead of feeling less-than
·        hold on to peace instead of freaking out when hard things keep happening
·        live brave instead of fearful
·        walk in genuine hope instead of feeling hopeless
·        experience God’s love for yourself
·        grasp your God-given destiny and begin walking in it

It’s not that God doesn’t bless hot messes. (If that were the case, where would any of us be?) But you don’t have to remain a hot mess. It’s time to receive and experience God’s hope and promises in a fresh way!

Includes questions for group study or personal reflection.

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What people are saying about From Hot Mess to Blessed

"Harrowing yet encouraging." –Publishers Weekly

Julie Gillies writes in the fullness of grace and truth, and offers hope for any one wondering if they are too much of a mess for God to bother with. In From Hot Mess to Blessed, Julie peels back the lies to get to our hearts’ greatest needs – and then introduces us to the One who can meet them completely. If I could put this book in the hands of every woman, I would. I would look her in the eyes and say “Read this, believe it and keep it handy for the rest of your life!”–Glynnis Whitwer, Author of 10 books, including Doing Busy Better, Exec Director of Communications Proverbs 31 Ministries

If you’ve ever thought you were too messed up to do anything important for God, read this book.  Julie Gillies writes with vulnerability, honesty, and with a deep commitment to helping women find answers in God’s Word. If life has thrown you a few curves and you’ve wondered how to move forward with confident faith and renewed joy, this is the book for you.  Read it for yourself and then take a group of friends through it.  The study questions for each chapter will take you deeper into God’s truth and the list of scriptures at the end will give you solid footing for a life of blessing!  I highly recommend this book! –Carol Kent, Speaker and Author, When I Lay My Isaac Down (NavPress)

From Hot Mess to Blessed is a courageous and masterful work that will disturb you in the best way.  I stand in awe of Julie’s honesty, vulnerability, determination and obedience and how that all resulted in her providing us with an invaluable harvest of spiritual insights that will bring hope and healing to anyone wishing to deal with life’s most difficult passages in a deeply meaningful  faith-filled way. This affirming message of God’s presence and love in the thick of crisis, chaos and loss is a must read and a gem to be treasured. Beyond inspiring. –Torry Martin, Author, Of Moose and Men

If life and circumstances have left you feeling beaten down, unneeded, without purpose, and even hopeless, Julie’s words and honest transparency will breathe fresh hope, inspiration and joy back into your soul. You’ll be inspired and motivated to not only begin believing in yourself again and how much God adores you, but believing a powerful transformation is possible in your heart, mind and life through Him. –Tracie Miles, Speaker and Author with Proverbs 31 Ministries 

Julie Gillies' From Hot Mess to Blessed is a masterpiece. The way Julie weaves together words to describe the internal world of the soul drew me right into her story. She put words to things I've felt and experienced but didn't know how to express. Julie's story is relevant to women from all walks and journeys. Her ability to connect with the reader will inspire, encourage and help them grow emotionally, and most importantly fall more in love with Jesus. -Julia Mateer, Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Author of Life-Giving Leadership: A Woman's Toolbox for Leading

What woman cannot relate to being a hot mess at some point in her life? (Like maybe this morning!) From the title to the last page, Julie inspired me to wrestle with some conflicting and limiting beliefs in my life. She is not afraid to question how and why God allows tough life struggles while sharing her gift of transparency and a buoy of hope. Julie masterfully unpacks the boxes of her own heart’s most vulnerable places as she simultaneously applies freshly woven examples from women of the Bible. She reminds her reader of the foundational truth that our only chance of moving from messed to blessed is on the back of Jesus.  Julie reminds women “believing is daring but that if we dare to believe, we will be blessed among women!” Pat Layton, Speaker, Coach, and Author of Life Unstuck: Finding Peace with Your Past, Purpose in Your Present, Passion for Your Future

You're stressed out, multitasking, and you've got a prayer list as long as your arm. You typically pray for your husband, your kids, your budget, your sick pets, and your best friend’s job situation—not to mention national and world events.

You’re a front-burner prayer woman, praying for whatever is boiling over at the moment. (And there’s always something boiling over!)

But when do you have time to pray for you? 

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Escape into Prayers for a Woman's Soul (Harvest House Publishers) and pamper yourself with soul-transforming prayer that will:
  •  Remove fear, weariness, guilt, insecurity, comparison, and perfectionism
  •  Rejuvenate your emotions, attitude, hope, determination, and confidence
  •  Renew your mind, thoughts, countenance, and ability to hear God
  •  Restore your identity, joy, strength, security, peace, and dreams
This is an invitation to begin the holy habit of praying—for  yourself—and the topics that matter most to you. Indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating prayer journey that includes authentic stories you can relate to, powerful prayer, and personalized Scriptures that will refresh and strengthen your soul. 

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What Others are Saying:

“Julie Gillies has a written a book every woman needs! My heart was fed with encouragement from start to finish. Prayers for a Woman’s Soul is the perfect blend of personal stories, powerful prayers, and topic-specific Scriptures to reflect on, helping us draw strength from the Father so we can live from the fullness of all He has for us as women, wives, moms, and friends. I’m going to use it as my personal devotion book this year and get a copy for several friends!”Renee Swope, bestselling author of A Confident Heart, Proverbs 31 Ministries radio co-host and speaker

 Prayers for a Woman’s Soul is like a soothing spa for the harried woman’s heart. Julie Gillies bares her own heart in this easy-to-read but meaningful book. Filled with practical Scripture and pointed prayers, each chapter provides refreshment, wisdom, and encouragement for women to reconnect with the Life-Giver so that we’re better equipped to give life to others.”—Jody Hedlund, bestselling author of The Preacher’s Bride

“As a busy wife, mother, volunteer, and employee, I know in my head the importance of praying for myself.  But most days, I’m at the bottom of my prayer list, unless of course there’s a problem. But Julie Gillies has inspired me to prioritize praying for myself every day, and in Prayers for a Woman’s Soul she’s made it so easy to do!  It’s biblical, it’s inspiring, and it’s practical!  It’s an invitation to the Source of all peace and joy. I highly recommend this book for any woman needing some inner refreshment.”—Glynnis Whitwer, Proverbs 31 Ministries, Editor of P31 Woman and author of I Used to Be So Organized 

Prayers for a Woman’s Soul is an inspiring, rejuvenating devotional that teaches women not only how to pray for themselves, but how to allow the power of God to speak to their hearts through prayer. Each week, whether using this guide in a group or individually, Julie takes us through prayer topics such as praying for our minds, countenance, and even the distractions that we women face. This book brought clarity to areas in my life that I needed to work on and pray through. You’ll find this journey of prayer refreshing to the soul.”—Sandy Coughlin, author of The Reluctant Entertainer 

"With the honesty of a dear friend, Julie Gillies lovingly shares heart stories, painstakingly revealing every woman’s deepest need: learning to pray for herself. With 52 topics covering issues from peace to perseverance, Julie invites us to live openly before God, admitting our shortcomings and trusting Him to transform our lives through an intimate prayer relationship."—Kelly Hancock, founder of FaithfulProvisions.com and author of Saving Savvy: Smart and Easy Ways to Cut Your Spending in Half and Raise Your Standard of Living…and Giving! 

“For years I have diligently prayed for my husband and my children. Somehow, I just missed praying prayers for me! Prayers for a Woman’s Soul is my answer to prayer—daily direction in praying for myself so I can become the woman God has created me to be!”—Lynn Cowell, Proverbs 31 speaker and author of His Revolutionary Love and Devotions for a Revolutionary Year