A Warm Invitation to Just Breathe

‘Tis the season for parties and shopping and gift wrapping and baking and commitments and obligations and stress upon stress and entirely too long to-do lists. But before you feel overwhelmed…

…Here’s a Warm Invitation To Just Breathe

Let’s commit to make time for a daily holy pause throughout the month of December. Let’s sip a cup of tea, open our Bibles, and allow ourselves to breathe. Rest in Him. Allow Him to fill us so we’ve got something to give. Let’s ask the Lord to give us grace to pursue Him. Let’s allow our hearts to be quiet and still and breathe in His presence.


Lord, my heart longs to remain closely connected to Yours before the holiday crazy starts and especially once it is underway. Will you please give me grace to make time for a daily holy pause? Help me to just breathe and to rest in You. Fill me with Your love, joy, peace, grace, and with Your very presence.  Enable me, by Your grace, to allow myself time so that my heart can rest in You, and may my heart be calm and focused.

As I pour out to others, refill me, Lord. I lift to You my schedule, my commitments, and my to-do list. Fill me with energy and stamina to accomplish the things that are most important, and give me wisdom to let go of the things that are not.

Speak to my heart. Give me ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying. Help me not to rush around in distraction mode, zooming past the reason for the season, but to choose the one most important thing—to spend time with You. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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Crazy Holidays? PRAY Like Crazy.

Got all kinds of family crazy going on? I’m pretty dang sure you’re not alone. When we’re dealing with some uncomfortable or awkward or just plain hard family situations, and hoping against all hope that somehow, someway, our family holiday get-togethers will veer toward peaceful, there’s hope!

The reality is there are no guarantees what any member of our family may or may not decide to do. But the good news is, we can hold on to our peace. And we can do our parts to attempt to live at peace with those around us, knowing it won’t always be reciprocated or appreciated.

No matter. Because when we’ve got family crazy happening, we can pray like crazy. And thank God, He always hears our prayers and gives us grace. God can change the atmosphere of our homes and our hearts even in the middle of the holiday flat-crazy. (Thank God!)


Lord, I long to be a peace maker, I long to live at peace with my family and friends and neighbors, and I long for my heart and my home to be filled with Your amazing peace—especially as the holidays begin.

And so God I commit to doing my part. Help me to overlook, let go, truly forgive, speak kind words, and in other ways to do my part to promote family harmony and peace. Give me grace to live at peace with those around me, though I realize it’s not always possible. Still, help me by Your power to do my part, and trust You with the results.

I invite You, Lord, into every holiday gathering. May Your presence change everything. May the atmosphere shift and may Your supernatural peace prevail. In the awesome name of Jesus, Amen. 

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A Prayer for Peace

Lord, when my life feels completely overwhelming and I’m trembling on the inside, thank You for peace. When situations I’m facing feel far more like a challenge I cannot meet, thank You for peace. When I’m anxious, fearful, troubled or bone weary, fill me and cover me with Your precious peace.

Help me to remain close to You, knowing that You, Jesus, are the Prince of Peace. Thank You for whispering Your precious words of peace to my heart exactly when I need them. Help me not to allow my heart to be troubled and afraid. Teach me to consistently walk in the peace that is legally mine, and tether my heart to Yours, Lord. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

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Be a Light on Halloween Night!

It’s the time of year our prayers and the light of Christ can make a very special difference in our communities. Though Keith and I do not celebrate Halloween, we are intentional on October 31st. We pray, our porch light goes on, and we give away goodies AND a fun bookmark—on one side there is an interesting animal fact, and on the back it says “Our family prayed for your family”, along with a Scripture. To get your FREE printable bookmarks (created by my daughter-in-law, Audrey Gillies) PLEASE CLICK HERE

This year Audrey has updated the bookmarks with a fresh verse and brighter colors that use less ink. She’s also offering a nice little sign to print out and display near your door that reads “Thanks for stopping by! Please let us know if we can pray for you!” Obviously that’s optional, but imagine the conversations that will happen (and hopefully the prayers). To visit her website and get all of your FREE printables, CLICK HERE.

It’s my fervent hope that you will join us as we share the light of Jesus on Halloween—more people ring our doorbell that night than any other day of the year, so let’s Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days” (Ephesians 5:16). It is also our sincere desire that every child and family member who shows up at our door to trick-or-treat will sense God’s peace and that their hearts will be touched by the verse and the fact that we prayed for them. Just think how many little lives we can touch and bless through our prayers and these sweet little bookmarks. 


Lord, I pray Your blessing over every child and person who comes to my door today. Lord, may they sense Your peace. Please stir their hearts and soften their hearts. Bring godly friends into their lives and put books and materials into their hands that will lead them to You. May each child (and person) who comes to my door tonight come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

May they walk in light, embrace Your truth, and experience Your love for themselves. May they know their future is in Your hands (Psalm 31:15), and always take delight in You, Lord (Psalm 37:4). May they understand what is just, right, and fair, and find the right way to go (Proverbs 2:9). May wisdom enter their hearts and knowledge fill them with joy (Proverbs 2:10). May wise choices watch over them and understanding keep them safe (Proverbs 2:11).  Lord, show them Your unfailing love in wonderful ways (Psalm 17:7a) all the days of their lives.

It is in the precious name of Jesus that I ask these things, knowing You are good and You are able, Amen.

There Is No More Disgrace For You

Lord, you know my private struggles concerning how I see myself, doubting my self-worth, struggling with comparison, and essentially feeling I'm not valuable and not good enough. God I do not desire to walk in shame or allow myself to regularly entertain critical and negative thoughts against my own self. 

Please help me to know on a deeply and intimately, how greatly You value me. 
Please help me to relinquish my shame—the shame You took from me—and never pick it back up. 

Thank you that there is no more disgrace for me, only love...Your amazing, unfailing love! I will hold my head high knowing I am forgiven and cleansed from my past and from every sin. I will walk in security and confidence because I am deeply valued and cherished by You. Oh my Redeemer, thank you! In Jesus’s awesome name, Amen.

“Fear not; you will no longer live in shame. Don’t be afraid; there is no more disgrace for you. You will no longer remember the shame of your youth and the sorrows of widowhood. For your Creator will be your husband; the LORD of Heaven’s Armies is his name! He is your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, the God of all the earth.” (Isaiah 54:4-5)

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