6 Ways to Draw Closer to God

When I first became a believer, I didn't really understand how to feel close to God, let alone stay close to Him. Typically, what happened for me was, I feel super close to God on Sunday, but I'd forget all about Him by Monday. Eventually, I got to the point where I could remember Him every day and acknowledge Him every day. That's when I realized that this holy relationship thing required a lot of effort on my part.
I think we all go through seasons where we don't feel that God is as close to us or maybe we're not as close to Him as we want to be. The truth is, God is never far from any one of us, and He'll never leave us or forsake us. The good news is, if we feel distant from God, the most likely scenario is, we stepped away, so we can choose to step back!

Here are my six tips that I do to remain close to God, and I hope that they'll help you.

1. Choose to Acknowledge Him Daily

What that means is getting up in the morning and acknowledging God. When you do that, it activates your faith. It helps you to remember that God is present, and it also creates a space for God's presence in our crazy lives.

2. Ask God to Reveal Himself to You

I think there are various and limitless ways that God chooses to reveal Himself to each one of us. What we typically need is the ability to recognize when He does reveal Himself to us.

3. Make Time to Read Your Bible

When we make regular Bible reading our priority, we are declaring to God that His word is a vital component in our lives; something that we're not willing to be without. We will be strengthened and transformed because His Word is living and active.
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4. Ask God to Give You Ears to Hear Him

One simple word of encouragement from God's heart to ours fortifies us like nothing else. The truth is when God speaks to us, His words always bring light and bring truth.

5. Make Time to Pray

Really, all prayer is conversation with God, and it doesn't have to be eloquent. It doesn't even have to make sense because God knows our hearts. Prayer gives us the Holy opportunity to process our emotions or situations to God and to receive strength and encouragement in return.
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6. Turn Off the TV (or Facebook, or Pinterest...)

It's all about choices and moderation and wisdom. And it's amazing when we set that side apart just for God by choosing to go without from other things, maybe for a short period of time, that we'll have more time just to think about God and realize how much he thinks about us and how much he wants to be close to us as well. I'm so glad you joined me here today and I hope that these six tips help you draw closer to God!
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Have a blessed day,

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