Meet Julie

Julie Gillies is the author of Prayers for a Woman’s Soul (Harvest House Publishers/January 2013), a book that invites busy, overwhelmed women with long prayer lists to begin the holy habit of regularly praying for themselves

Healed from a traumatic childhood and awed that God saved her seriously troubled marriage, she writes with a reverential awe of the God who unearthed her once-buried gift of communication and gave her the courage to make it grow.

Julie is the Critique Groups Director for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and serves on the editorial team of P31 Woman magazine. She is passionate about helping women:

·       *   Pray with boldness, confidence, and certainty that God hears
·       *   Switch negative, critical thinking with healthy, godly mindsets
·      *    Develop faith and perseverance to pursue their dreams
·       *   Increase their ability to recognize God’s voice

Julie is the joyful wife of Keith, mom of two soldiers and one civilian, and grammy of four. She loves hanging out with the entire gang at home, especially on days when her house is clean.

My Writing Story

I wrote my first book at the age of nine. 28 pages long, it featured a hand-colored front page and three staples on the left.  But the gift of communication got buried beneath a traumatic family life, and eventually, that gift faded so far into the background of my survival-mode life that I literally did not remember it existed.

After I gave my heart and life to Jesus in my late 20’s, God slowly began to bring healing and change to my heart, my mind, and my attitude. Then a curious thing happened: I began to have the same dream over and over. In it, I became aware of a tiny baby that I had completely forgotten about. I’d discover a languishing infant in one room or another of my house, recognize it was mine, and then feel an utter sense of panic. Why do I keep forgetting I have this baby? I need to find a bottle. I need to feed this baby! I couldn’t understand why I didn’t remember my baby, and I’d desperately try to care for it.

Then I’d wake up. Time after time I puzzled over the meaning of this disturbing dream. And then, it finally occurred to me to pray and ask God what the dream meant.

He answered with a sweeping saga of a dream. In it, large, evil men with big, black guns were assigned to a group of citizens. Their task? To force each person to give up their cell phone—at gunpoint—or surrender their lives. I won’t go into all the details here, but when I came face to face with the vile evil that demanded my cell phone, though I quivered and could barely breathe for fear—God hid my phone from the evil man’s sight, sent a S.W.A.T. team to rescue me and all the other people, and I walked out of that place holding my phone.

At the end of the dream, I walked outside and noticed a man beckoning me with his arm. I felt compelled to walk toward him, this silent man with an otherworldly gaze. As I moved closer, he stooped down and used his bare hands to begin digging in the dirt. Riveted, I stood watching him scoop clumps and pieces of brown dirt into a pile. Suddenly, he unearthed a tiny, nearly dead, barely whimpering baby. He tenderly brushed the dirt from the baby’s body, then stood up and held the baby out to me, his eyes locked onto mine. Stunned, I instinctively realized that this was my baby. My heart pounded in my ears, and as I reached out to take the baby, I said I didn’t know I had this!

Then I woke up.

God used that dream to help me understand that He had entrusted me with a gift—all babies are gifts—and that I had buried my gift (in this case, it was communication, hence the cell phone). But God cares about our destinies. And He unearthed that gift and handed it back to me—and though He spoke no words, my heart clearly understood. Cherish this gift. Nurture it. Make it grow. Because you love me and you are called according to My purpose.

And that is the very abbreviated version of my writing story and the dream that finally woke me up to my destiny.

And that’s what I believe God does for all of us. Those words He spoke to me He also speaks to you, because we all have a divine destiny. Jesus stooped low—left heaven and became a man and died a grueling death on the cross—so that we could find forgiveness and eternal life…but also so that we could trust Him, love Him, serve Him, and in so doing, live out the dreams and use the gifts He has entrusted to us.

There is nothing God cannot do, and wherever you are in life, know this: it is not too late, it’s not too hard, and you can still follow your dream.

If the Lord used me, a high-school drop-out who lacks any formal education, to publish over 100 articles and, wonder of wonders, a book, then He can use you. Just ask Him. Trust Him. And believe Him.

And honor Him by pursuing the dreams He has placed in your heart.

On a Lighter Note
I’m an introvert who loves people, loves laughing, and loves the smell of a doughnut-producing apple cider mill. I adore autumn, movies that make me think, and I especially like it when someone else cleans the bathroom.

Most proud of: I wouldn’t have given you a plug nickel for my marriage initially. But through God’s grace, lots of prayer, and a willingness to believe and hope in spite of how things appear, I hung in there, and God transformed a once-ugly, ugly situation into something beautiful. Keith and I recently celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. To God be the glory.

Most challenged by: Pets that deposit all manner of fur (and other unfortunate items) onto my formerly clean floors. *sigh*

Most embarrassed about: My forgetfulness. Clearly my brains cells are racing down a steep, rough dirt road on a rickety old bike. And let’s just say more than a few of those brain cells have landed in the dust.

Most happy when: I’m with my family (especially my four grandkids!) during the holidays. I love a jam-packed house with loads of crazy, snorting laughter, lots of kiddos, and enticing aromas emanating from my kitchen.

Most want to: Take a cross-country road trip in an RV with my entire family. I can picture it: a mighty RV convoy chugging over the Grand Tetons. The Wild West will never be the same.