The Truth Is...

This morning I snuck out of my bedroom before spending time with the Lord so I could start a load of laundry. I intended to make a quick pit-stop in the kitchen for a bowl of cereal, since my stomach was growling, then duck back into my quiet santuary.

I was waylaid, however, by my 18-year old son, Josh, and my 12-year old daughter, Emily. My kids are talkers. They love to tell me all sorts of stuff, both important and unessential. Typically I really work the ministry of "being there" for my kids, yet today I felt edgy and overwhelmed by all their words. I did my best to listen and attempted to fulfill the role of interested, engaged mom. But I think the pinched look on my face gave me away.It was nearly 11 a.m. before I made it back into my room. When I emerged some time later, I kissed Emily on the top of her head.

"I like it when you spend a long time in your closet." She said. "You always come out nice."

Truer words were never spoken.

The truth is, apart from Him I can do nothing. Including being nice. In fact, I'll just say right here and now that Jesus IS my nice. HE not only keeps me nice, He keeps me sane. And happy.

My family likes nice and sane and happy.

So do I.

Thank you, Lord, for your amazing love, which reaches my overwhelmed heart, calms my stress, and erases the pinched look from my face every time.

And that's the truth.


Kelly said...

Truer words were never written! Oh yes, I cannot be nice without Jesus. I am working on a plan to spend more time with him. As a mom, you relate to plans getting waylaid...I have a 4 yr old and an 8 yr old. Need I say more?

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Oh boy can I ever relate. I wrote about this very thing today.

Thanks for your sweet encouragement. And thank you for your comment the other day on my book title. I loved what you wrote.

Sweet Blessings friend!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours. Your blog on the Mighty to Save song was beautifully written and I loved your thoughts on My Determined Purpose. That is my current favorite verse. I have it posted above my desk here at home and at work to keep it in front of me.

Thanks again for the comment, and it is nice to get to know you too.

Sherry said...

There's nothing to compare with spending time with with God! "There's no high like the Most High!"

I found you at Just Call Me Grammy's blog. I'm a Grammie (spell it differently), too. My grandmother and my mom were Grammies and I have carried on the traditional name. I have two grandchildren: a grand daughter who is 4 years old and a grandson who turned 3 weeks today ;)

Nice to "meet" other Grammy's.

Susie said...

Isn't it great that Emily gets it! She knows where your help comes from, and that the Lord has a calming effect on Mom. Great post!

B His Girl said...

Hi Julie,
I saw your pic and had to come over. How are you feeling? I am going to blog the urgent care event soon. God has put it on my mind. He showed me more than you know in that. Take care. Barbara K

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