My Kryptonite

Normally I use remarkable restraint. Today, however, was different. I threw caution to the wind at the Amish bakery and instead of simply buying one dozen whole wheat rolls, I purchased the whole wheat rolls and a scrumptious box of home-made donut my favorite flavors.

I should have known better.

Many heavenly donut holes later, I pounded the pavement in a walk of penance. Feeling my stomach's tattle-tale bulge against the waist of my pants, I shook my head, wondering what on earth had possessed me. Certainly the $2.95 price didn't help, nor did the irresistable aroma caressing my nostrils from the moment I entered the store. But ultimately, I made the decision. Faced with my weakness, I caved.

Donuts are my kryptonite. I'm powerless against them.

Fortunately for me, I love one thing even more than decadent donut temptations. And that's Jesus. Not only is He irresistable, He's completely guilt-free. In fact, He takes my guilt - even when I deliberately make some not so great choices. Such as when my mouth runneth over in the midst of agravating traffic. Like over reacting in a heated misunderstanding, or failing with a negative attitude - again. Things that make me shake my head at myself.

While the Lord doesn't wave a wand and make the results of our choices disappear, He does grant us incredible power against temptation. So the next time I head into the world's finest bakery, or find myself in the midst of a highway-turned-parking-lot, I don't have to worry. I'll be wearing my kryptonite-repellant armor of God. And I will overcome.

So tell me, what's your kryptonite? (And it doesn't have to be food-related.)

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13


Kelly said...

That armor of God does work on many things - but donuts, oh my! Mmmm! I'm with you. But I'll bet a moment of prayer before heading in side would indeed help.

And remember, all things in MODERATION! Maybe eat a donut hole, not the WHOLE box of holes!

Julie Gillies said...

Eeegads, Kelly! I'm happy to report I did not eat the whole box of donut holes...didn't even come close. Can you imagine the stomach ache? (Plus, I'd have to walk to Montana...) LOL

Eve said...

I have legions. LOL..I think I have to fight my desire to just not exercise all the time. I make excuses like you wouldn't believe. Head hurts, didn't sleep well, don't really need it, I'm just a little know...LOL...Jesus exercise. He walked all over the place. The least I can do is do my half hour a day in an AC home with a TV to watch while I'm doing it. Pray for me, I am weak. : )

Joyful said...

My 'food' kryptonite is ICECREAM. Actually, enjoyed a cone today - chocolate swirl...mmm, mmm, good!

However, I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, and He alone satisfies the cravings of my soul.


Sonya Lee Thompson said...

You do have the right idea. If we are finding our true satisfaction in Him, we won't need all of these other things. I'm not there yet! Sleep is a real contention for me, and not wanting to exercise even though I know I should. The flesh thing is so convincing!

Anonymous said...

Cinnabuns - hot and sticky! I will actually get in my car to go and get them. I covet them without even seeing them! OY! Resist the cinnabuns and they will flee from you. :)

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


this post was so encouraging! Food is a constant battle for me.

Encouraged by their radical youth pastor, my teenagers (along with several other youth) are completing their last day of a 30-day fast from all sweets. We are SO proud of them. Tomorrow, however, they are looking forward to brownies for breakfast!

Susie said...

My kryptonite is probably Target, the mall, and anything sweet. Great post Julie!

Angela said...

Great blog- I homeschool too and jumped here from another homeschoolers- the doughnuts pulled me right in!

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