Hunting Season

Husbands around the world would positively swoon if their wives disliked shopping like I do. I’m definitely not a power shopper. I don’t care for malls, and can’t figure out the latest fashion trend until I see enough people wearing it first. When absolutely forced to shop for something besides groceries, I gear up mentally. Comfy shoes, a short shopping list and intense focus get me in and out of the store with haste.

You might think that our savings account would reflect my disdain for the mall. Yet in a quirky “opposites attract” sort of thing, my husband has valiantly stepped up to the cash register. Yes, in our family, my husband, Keith, is the shopper. I equate his compelling shopping urges to latent hunting skills that are somehow locked up within his DNA, begging to be used. Since the only actual shooting Keith participates in involves paintballs, appparently tracking and snagging amazing bargains satisfies his primal, manly urge to seek, find, and go in for the kill…I mean, purchase.

The benefit of this special ‘talent’ possessed by my husband, as he proudly points out, is that we save money...tons of it! If a discount exists, he finds it. He diligently stalks the market place for good deals like a hunter searches for a six-point buck in the woods. Persistently he scans the horizon, intently watching for signs of a sale. Intuitively, he senses when a bargain looms near. He waits, knowing that his diligence will soon be rewarded.

Since I dislike shopping and all manner of errand-running, I can focus on my strengths (like vanquishing impossible laundry stains and vacuuming up doggy-hair tumbleweeds) while my darling hubby gets the chance to use his incredible gift of spending, err, saving money. Our friends are consistently amazed when Keith reveals how little he paid for some new item.

The down side of Keith’s extraordinary shopping/hunting talent is that the UPS and Fed-EX guys practically live at our house. Well, they visit frequently. For the longest time, the neighbors thought that our family vehicle was a large, brown truck. Furthermore, when our kids hear the door bell ring, they automatically call out, "What did Dad buy now?", hoping the box might be for them.

In all fairness, when Keith’s shopping (I mean hunting) obsession was pointed out, he shifted gears. Keith now shops (hunts) for extended family members, friends, and people at work. He frequently receives phone calls from someone on the brink of Some Big Purchase. Just a few details and Keith is off. He’s a man on a mission: find it for less.

Are there discount coupons to be found? You’d better believe it. How about a free item thrown in with purchase? Yes indeed. Do you want complimentary shipping? No problem. Any rebates? Of course! My husband ecstatically cruises from one website to another, then makes calls and sends e-mails, all in search of the best deal. Oh, it's out there, alright. He can smell it. This hunter dude has the right stuff. And if you’re his friend, so do you – for half price.


Joyful said...

Oh Julie, I loved this! We have a friend who is just like your husband. If there's a deal to be found, he will find it! We joke about it, but we also go to him for purchasing advice.

Keep saving all that money :o)
Fun post,
PS. Just noticed the change in your profile picture - lovely!

Melanie said...

This is funny! Unfortunately it reminds me of my dad - whom we believe may have a shopping addiction. My mother, in an attempt to undercompensate, talks herself out of nearly everything she might purchase.
I've added you to my blogroll.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I love a shopping husband! I don't have one, although he always spends way too much at the grocery; no bargains. I'm not much for shopping myself. I totally can relate regarding fashion trends. I look to see what others are wearing and discern whether or not it might like good on me. Department stores are my nightmare. I gotta know going in what I want or I don't go in...

unless I need a potty, and with 4 kids, we know where the good ones are and the not so good (don't know why I felt the need to add that in...).

Happy Monday to you.


Spring M Fricks said...

That is absolutely hysterical! Go Keith. It's funny because I, too, detest shopping. I can't stand malls or large stores. I'd rather shop online and that has to be quick or I get irritated and log off. At least he shops for you. LOL.

KelliGirl said...

How funny! I can just picture all of the activity at your house. Although since my husband breaks into hives at the thought of shopping, your scenario is certainly not replicated at our house! :-) I, however, have been known to track down an awesome bargain now and again.

Be well, my friend,

B His Girl said...

How fun to have such a good shopper in the family! He spots camo and I see yellow clearance. He is saving money Julie. I'm sure of it. You bagged a trophy husband girl!

Avily Jerome said...

That's hilarious!
My hubby and I are both somewhere in the middle. I now know better than to send him to the grocery, because he inevitably comes home with twelve bags of Doritos, because they were on sale.

Also, he's addicted to Fry's Electronics. If you don't know what that is, think Costco for nerds.

I am always on the lookout for a good bargain- especially for clothes- but I can also manage to keep my money from burning holes in my pockets.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Julie!

Susie said...

The only shopping I DON'T like is grocery shopping so Skip does that. I love that Keith enjoys shopping and finding deals for the family. You have a great "find" in him:) Hope your teeth (or lack there of) are doing okay since the surgery.

Melanie said...

I just read your devotion in Daily Devotions for Writers. Great job!

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

Hi Julie,

This is a great post. Quite insightuful that every household will have a shopper living in it! LOL!

I have the daily devo's for writers! Great Job!


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