Are You a Dream Chaser?

Certain seasons in our lives are as easy and uncomplicated as a hammock ride. Other times require the stamina of a world-class rock climber.

Like when we're chasing a dream.

A dream is easy to envision. Fun, even. But often as we pursue our dream reality sets in, the thrill fades, and we find ourselves struggling, fighting, and overwhelmed. Ecclesiastes 5:3 says “For a dream comes with much business and painful effort.” No dream becomes a reality without a price.
As we strive toward our dreams, the enemy's strategy is to impede us so we won’t fight for what is rightfully ours. Giants of Intimidation, Insecurity, and Fear taunt us, just like Goliath taunted to Israel.

1 Samuel 17 shows the Israelites frozen with fear when confronted with Goliath, the Philistine giant from Gath. Standing nearly 10 feet tall, Goliath wore custom armor that made him appear even more intimidating. No one dared stand up to him, until a young shepherd boy heard his mocking words and decided enough was enough. David clearly heard the taunts of the enemy, but refused to believe his words. David’s relationship with the Lord was so real, so strong, that the enemy’s boast meant nothing to him. A mere adolescent, he triumphed over the giant.

Are you a dream chaser? When we run after our dreams, we will have to battle a few giants. But if we are serious, we will persevere. Our success in slaying the giants in our lives is determined by:

  1. Our willingness to confront the enemy. In verse 48, we see that David ran quickly to meet Goliath. No hesitation. No fear. Boldly. And with utter confidence.
  2. Our past successes with God. In verses 34-37 David explains to Saul that he has already slain a lion and a bear. When we are intimidated by the enemy, we can remember past triumphs, reminding ourselves of our God-given abilities and God's faithfulness.

  3. Knowing the Lord intimately. David spent his days worshiping and conversing with God while he tended his father’s flock.When we remain close to and intimate with the Lord, the enemy's taunts will never sway us.

  4. A confidence and understanding that the battle is the Lord’s. This doesn’t excuse us from action and doing our part, but rather, reveals a deep knowing within us that God is our ultimate source and strength.
Dream chasers are characterized by a willingness to pursue their God-given goals in spite of the giants opposing them. They run forward, expecting to triumph.
Tell me about the dream you are chasing, and what giant you might be facing.


Andrea said...

Chasing dreams and fighting the battles as best I can. Thank you for this timely and encouraging post.

Blessings, andrea

Bonita said...

Great post, Julie! I'm facing numerous battles as I pursue my dreams. One of the biggest is self talk. The Lord is teaching me that I believe a lot of things about myself and my abilities that are simply lies. The truth is whatever He says about me. I'm getting in His word and finding those truths.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! I am glad to have found yours also and am now following. Your writing is excellent and I will be a regular from now on I am sure!
Love Collette xxx

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I am trying to write this book and my obstacle is running from it. I am scared to just do what God has put on my heart to do.

I love the point you made about our past successes with God- that really spoke to my heart today! Thanks!

Andrea said...

Hi, Julie! I wanted to say, "Hello, how are you?"

And God's timing, as always is perfect. I so needed to read this post. I will ponder it. Very much.

Thank you for your testimony and obedience.

In Him,


Anonymous :) said...

Love this post. Yes, giants are in the land. I have dreams that always take a miracle. Sometimes they're for me, sometimes for others. And, the battle is on. God is faithful.

Spring M Fricks said...

I am definitely trying to be a dream chaser.

Love your new blog look. It is awesome!

Deb said...


I'm chasing the dream of writing for Him.

About Him.

Sharing Him.

Sharing His word.

And, yes, I'm facing some really big giants,including inferiority.

Thanks for asking.

I'm not giving up.

Sweet dreams.

Karen said...

Julie, love your new blog look AND you new hair look. So cute!

Dream-to write a book to uplift and encourage, challenge and move others to be their all for Christ. Giant--that's a lofty goal.

Good words today. I needed them.

Sista In Arms Lxx said...

THANK YOU Julie, this is just what I needed at the moment,Often it's hard simply to even know where to start,I need to be reminded at times of how far He has brought me, your post has done just that and taken me back to something that I wrote some time ago. Lxx

Paula Wiseman said...

Julie- very well said! I put this one in my 'file cabinet.'
I write, and thankfully, writing about God and His truth, even the failures and disappointments are redeemed for my good and His glory.
Would I like to have my novels published and in the hands of loads of readers? Sure. But so far that hasn't happened. I have learned that quitting the chase would be worse than not catching the dream. The journey is well worth it.

Cheryl Barker said...

Yes, I'm dreaming, too. I hope to one day have a book published, and as you know, breaking into the world of book publication is getting more and more challenging. My dreams are in God's hands, though. He will use my work in the ways He knows is best. I'll just keep working and seeking to follow His will. Great post, Julie.

Bethany LaShell said...

Great article! I'm still trying to figure out my dreams & how God's plans mesh with them.

Thanks for you comments onmy blog!
~Bethany L.

Bonnie Way aka the Koala Mom said...

Encouraging. Lack of time seems to be the biggest obstacle in the way of pursing my dream - yet often, I wonder if Satan is just trying to keep me busy so I can't do what God has called me to do. Thanks for this post.

Sande said...

Chasing dreams that are on His agenda! Regaining perspective at the moment by respite with Him ... :}

Gaia said...

Hi Julie, love the new bright look on your blog. When you speak of evil impedding your desire to fight for your rights, oh my, I have a feeling I am going through this and I am having anxiety attacks too. Thank you for the reminder, maybe its not just me, it's something making me afraid. Bless you.

Diane said...

BTW love the changes to your blog and the new profile picture is adorable. Hope all is well. :O)

Terri Tiffany said...

This post spoke to me today. I've just returned from a two week trip to Seattle to clear our heads and determine what the Lord would have in mind for us. We have a dream but keep worrying and dealing with the fears of following through with it. Thank you!

Bina said...

I am so glad you came by my blog as it gave me the chance to see yours! You have an amazing way with words...I think I like you :)

Thanks for the encouragement!

Kelly said...

wow, wow and wow. I love your new blog layout! It is AMAZING!! Woo! Go girl!

Great post too. I love how you pulled directly from scripture. Very inspiring.

Did I mention how much I love your new blog layout?????

More Than Words said...

This is a great post, Julie! It really encouraged me!!

Nancy said...

Yes, I'm a dream chaser if you call the challenge of believing just what God says to be a dream. All of your points are things I am working on. Thanks for coming to my blog. I hope you will see a part of my dram there.

Laurie said...

Wonderful teaching Julie! I enjoyed looking at your blog, you have some wonderful teachings. I am not always so thrilled about the giant part of dreams, but God uses those very giants to make up people who can continue to walk in and handle our dreams! Blessings, Laurie

Rachel Beran said...

Thanks so much for this today, Julie. I'm seeing some dreams (well, things that I felt God place on my heart) come to life. It's such a blessing! I pray that I will be remember His faithful the next time I am wanting to run. :) But, I know how human I am. I want to be obedient in all he calls me to do.

Adore your new look too! :)

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Oh, how I love this post. The last part "Dream chasers are characterized by a willingness to pursue their God-given goals in spite of the giants opposing them. They run forward, expecting to triumph." touches me so. I am in the middle of my own battle facing the giant of the lies I have believed all my life-- letting go of those and diffing deep into truth. And honestly, it is so scary. Who am I without all my lies?

Still praying for you!


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