The Adventure Continues

Don't you love it when God hammers home a specific theme in your life over and over? Truth be known, I vacillate between feeling special and somewhat clueless. Special because all that hammering is evidence He considers me worth the effort. Clueless because otherwise I'd get the point the first time--or two.

This year God is teaching me to trust Him even when it feels like I'm walking through a cornfield with a tornado on my heels. It's easy to say we trust God when our air conditioner works fine, there's food in the pantry and nobody is barfing. But how about when we make five trips to the emergency room in one weekend, or we suffer undiagnosed chest pain for five weeks or our child has surgery and lives on a wound-vac for a month and a half? How about when we're bombarded from every side and see no end in sight? Then do we trust Him?

And what does that sort of trust look like?

For my birthday this past July a good friend made me a beautiful journal. Across the top is my name, and across the bottom is the word TRUST. And through all of the above incidents (yes, they all really happened in my family, and then some) I made a decision to trust God in the situation. Not some happy-go-lucky I'm sure it will all work out song and dance, but taking one trembling, feeble step after another, tears streaming down my face, saying "God, this hurts, this stinks, and I do not understand, but I am trusting You to work it out for my good. I trust that You are in control. I trust that you will take what the enemy meant for my harm, and use it for my good."

And then I get up and do it all over again the next day, even when I don't feel like it.

This week my daughter and I are up in Michigan on yet another movie adventure. She's cast as a foreground extra in a film directed by David Schwimmer (remember Ross from the sitcom "Friends"?). She's got big dreams and a calling, so we are walking through this open door. Of course, the title of the movie is Trust. Can you hear the hammer banging?

My adventure continues. I don't know what Michigan has in store, but I'm trusting God to work out all the details. Tell me, what trust adventure is God escorting you through? And/or what does trusting God look like to you?


Andrea said...

Praying for both you and your daughter as you seek GOD's direction.

Blessings, Andrea

Madison said...

I love this. Trusting God means no matter what I see, I believe God is working. No matter what I feel, I believe God is good. It means I can return to my family and friends and tell them that I've seen where we're going and God is there.

Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

Trusting God is knowing that He's got it cover. That He loves my kids more then I ever could, so I just need to get out of the way.

Diane said...

Your daughter's job(?) sounds exciting and fun. I am pretty thick headed too and need God's gentle shaking often. :O)

Speaking from the Heart said...

I am trusting God everyday, when I drop Mark off at the bus stop.

Deb said...

Yes, I hear that same hammering.

And, I've got something for you on my blog.

Sweet dreams.

The Happy Campas said...

WOW! Julie, you really spoke to my heart. When things shake my faith and turn my world upside down I have to remember that NOTHING takes the Lord by surprise. Sometimes it is easy to imagine Him sitting up there busy with some other country or some other crisis not really paying attention and then saying something like "uh-oh what is going on, oh no I need to figure out what to do." Fortunately that is not the case at all because He knew us before we were formed. He knew everything that we would face from the beginning of time. He is not up there figuring out some contingency plan based on something surprising we have done. He is all knowing, all caring, all loving and He is working ALL this to your good. I will be praying for you sweet sister. That the Lord will guide and direct you and give you much joy in the process.

Cheryl Barker said...

Julie, I've been feeling kind of overwhelmed lately as I navigate my way through my first year as our church's Angel Tree coordinator (while also helping my daughter plan her wedding and beginning to tackle Christmas shopping, etc. Yikes!) Anyway, I'm leaning on God and trusting Him to guide, enable, and strengthen me through it all. He is faithfully helping me.

By the way, I think it's great the way you're helping your daughter pursue her dream. Have a wonderful time in Michigan!

ginny said...

Julie, I can certainly identify with the trust issue. I am still working on it! It certainly is not easy.
Let me know where in Michigan you will be. I live in Michigan in the western part and maybe we can meet for coffee.
Best of luck for your daughter and her movie career.

B His Girl said...

God is smiling as you see the subject on His travel plans for you. Trust. This is exciting. Trust will take you on an adventure that exceeds your dreams.
I hope to do a video post on my adventure soon.

Melanie said...

Trust = walking by faith, not by sight.

Kelly Combs said...

Loving your updates on FB. Keep it up. Hope y'all are having fun, and being a light in the darkness at the same time!

Sande said...

Letting go of my sandcastles ...

What an adventure you are on. Isn't it amazing when HE superimposes the most amazing outcomes over the seasons where we feel we are just at the end of ourselves

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