The Best Gift Ever

My favorite Christmas gift this year wasn't even for me. Yes, it was beautifully gift-wrapped. Yes, my name was on the gift-tag. And yes, it was at the top of my wish list.

This year I decided to write out a What I'd Love for Christmas list, because I'm nothing if not practical. Due to a limited budget and a family with an affinity for purchasing oddly patterned cardigans and Items I Never Knew I Wanted, the existence of such a list decreased the margin of error.

My list included simple things, like a plethora of books on writing from which to choose. Dark chocolate. The One-Year Chronological Bible. Lotion. But the item that made it to the #1 slot of my list was something I could hardly fathom, and I wasn't at all sure it was within our budget.

So, when my daughter's gift landed in my lap on Christmas morning, I had no idea that she'd read the list I handed to her daddy. I had no idea that she had withdrawn money from her small savings account-money she'd earned working as a foreground extra in a movie (and for which she was paid minimum wage).

Opening the box, I shifted white tissue to find a home-made card containing cash. It read simply: Amount: $75. Purpose: To free one child from bondage. From Emily. Merry Christmas!

And just like that, a child's life was about to change. My heart swelled. My eyes watered. I hugged my precious daughter, then looked her in the eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, mom. I'm sure," she grinned.

Somewhere, a child in this world weeps. Frightened, hopeless, and alone, they are enslaved, their bodies used by unscrupulous men void of pity and the fear of God. Some young boys are forced to serve as soldiers. Many young children work unthinkable jobs for no pay.

My heart grieves for these precious kids devoid of even the slighest hope. Everything in me wants to swoop in to rescue and protect them. Thanks to my sweet daughter, one child will experience the gift of freedom, love, and hope.

To learn more, visit Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog. Please know I am not affiliated with Samaritan's Purse and have not been asked to endorse them. I'm just a mom and a grammy who wants to make a difference.

I'm thinking you might be, too.


Andrea said...

This is the most beautiful Christmas gift! I praise GOD with you for the love of your daughter for those less fortunate and for the blessing she is passing along to a needy child.
Blessings and hugs,

Tammy said...

Oh, what a wonderful gift!

Cheryl Barker said...

Wow -- what a tender, compassionate heart your Emily has! May God bless you both richly for your sacrificial giving!

Anonymous said...

Tearing up here! Beautiful gift. :O)

Karen said...

Julie, my eyes teared up too. That is the most beautiful Christmas gift. You must give yourself a "give-a-way" gift for the most memorable gift. That one wins. So does your darling daughter. Happy New Year, sweetie.

achildoftheking said...

I'm left speechless! I'm at a loss for words! =,-|

Kelly said...

This was the most beautiful post, and what a special and loving child you have raised! You must be so proud!!!!

And can I tell you again (off topic) how I love your blog layout. It is gorgeous.
Happy new Year!

Susie said...

What a marvelous gift! That Emilie is a true gem! Thanks for sharing the info too:)

Debra@CommonGround said...

Your daughter is the great gift. Knowing her heart and the love and kindness that is there is priceless. Blessings, Julie, God has gifted you with one the most cherished of all gifts, that of our children who know and love the Lord.

Rose said...

That is a wonderful gift! How blessed you are.

Thanks for sharing this.


Deb said...


That's quite a Christmas present.

And quite a remarkable young lady.

Sweet dreams.

B His Girl said...

Wow! May God use Emily's blessing for MORE than you could possible imagine. B

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