Blueprint Freak

I admit it: I love an organized, tidy life. I prefer everything unfolding according to plan...a sensible, easy-going plan, that is. But the truth is, my life doesn't work that way. And frankly, some days I'd be happy just to know the plan.

You'd think that the One who created the earth according to His extraordinary master plan would be delighted to drop freshly crafted blueprints into our hands so we could figure out (a.) where we're going in life and (b.) precisely how on earth to get there. Yet God continually surprises me. And by that I mean things rarely go the way I expect, even when I think I'm keeping my expectations in check.

But God is far more interested in teaching us to hear His voice than making our plans unfold flawlessly.

Risky Decisions

One of the things I'm learning as I navigate this faith-walk is to try to keep my preference out of God's way. This means keeping my feelings neutral, especially when I'm in decision making mode. I have to get to the place where I'm truly content regardless of which way things go. It's a struggle.

One of the scriptures that I regularly pray over myself when I'm making a decision is: "I roll my works upon You, Lord; I commit and trust them wholly to You; Please cause my thoughts to become agreeable to Your will, and] my plans will be established and succeed." (Proverbs 16:3 - personalized by me.)
The Umpire Calls It

My number one criteria for making a decision is to follow after peace. If I sense frustration, anxiety or uncertainty, I stop immediately and pray. God does not want us to be rushed or pressured into making a decision prematurely.

Colossians 3:15 says"And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state] to which as [members of Christ's] one body you were also called [to live]. And be thankful (appreciative), [giving praise to God always]."

The lack of blueprints shouldn't deter us from moving ahead, but propel us closer to the Lord. It's when we cautiously tip-toe forward, our hearts straining to hear His voice, that we'll receive something even better than a set of blueprints: His personalized plan for that specific situation and exact moment in our lives. And for this blueprint freak, that's good news indeed.

How about you? Are you a blueprint freak? Do you need prayer for a decision in your life?


Diane said...

I wish I had more info at times and get impatient. Always trying to let Him be the leader. Happy 4th!

Terri Tiffany said...

Your life sounds a lot like mine right now.I have always worked off a blueprint and am so frustrated because for the last three years, we have none. It isn't easy at all, I admit, to trust that his plan is there and I need to keep trusting and waiting!

kathy taylor said...

Today's entry is giving me a big smile. My husband is an architect, and I love having a plan. Years ago my life turned upside down with illness. That's when I really had to believe that the Lord had not forsaken me (Isaiah 54:7) and His plan is to bless me, not to harm me (Jeremiah 29:11). He proves these things to me over and over. He's turned my life rightside up, and I want what He wants. Too bad I don't always know what that is! I love your entry.

Tammy said...

This was what I needed!

You have given me insight on the a direction I need to go when seeking God in the next step for our abortion recovery ministry.

Rachel Beran said...

I have to admit, I AM a blueprint freak! I'm an organizer by nature and I can find it hard when I can't see how things are going to work.

I liked it when you said, "But God is far more interested in teachingus to hear His voice than making our plans unfold flawlessly." My husband and I are currently planning a big lawn event at our church. In the past it has brought out up to 800 people...for a free concert, meal and ice cream. It's a lot of responsiblity and a lot of work! I am such an organizer and I can see potential for so many things going wrong....including the weather.

I needed to be reminded this morning that God is in control. He knows just how it's suppose to turn out and His plans will succeed. This is a faith journey. We have to make decisions as we feel Him leading us, do our part and put the rest in His hands. I want to live in faith. I also really want to hear His voice and to really see Him at work in our daily lives (and through this event). Thank you for this much needed reminder today, Julie!

P.S. Would appreciate your prayers.

Karen said...

I like to know the overview. Details sometimes are my problem. I'm just glad God knows!

Anonymous said...

I love this: "Follow after peace." In fact, just moments ago I finally made a decision I've been grappling with for nearly a week. The decision was so charged with emotion that I had to journal through it, pray for God's wisdom and separate emotion. Yes, that's when the peace came.

April Gardner said...

I'm raising my hand. I'm a blueprint freak! Sigh. God help me. Thanks for the encouragement.

Colleen Reske said...

So glad to see you're posting again! I enjoyed "catching up" with you and reading the last few weeks' posts. Time marches on and life's problems change with the seasons, but God is in the midst of them and He is all I need.

I am a landscape designer and the only part of my job I really don't like is drawing the plans. It's tedious and time-consuming and the design is in my head and I just want to make it happen. But without a plan, I'd run short of plants or not have enough supplies, making more work in the long run. I'm so glad God has a plan for my life! I trust in Him to know what's best for me!

Shelly said...

Hmmm....I can hear God speaking :) Thank you for reminding me that it's about Him. I loved it when you said .."It's when we cautiously tip-toe forward, our hearts straining to hear His voice, that we'll receive something even better than a set of blueprints: His personalized plan for that specific situation and exact moment in our lives." Exactly what I needed today :)

Tip-toeing forward,

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'm a blueprint freak too. It's very admirable to try to remain neutral, and it's so hard! Thank you for encouraging the rest of us to do the same!

Andrea said...

I, too like a tidy, orderly life, but the joke has been on me. GOD likes for me to join in HIS adventure. He continually stretches me...sometimes painfully, but always for my good.

myletterstoemily said...

you are so wise.

no i'm not a blueprinter, but i am
a spoiled, self-centered brat. :)

always asking forgiveness.

Nancy said...

Yes, I'm a blueprint freak. Thanks for your lesson in letting God have some of the control.

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