Whose Battle is it, Anyway?

The rattlesnake weaved out of the grass and onto the road just ten feet in front of me. I inhaled sharply, pulled my dog's leash, and froze.

Seconds later a neighborhood friend drove past in her blue mini-van, noticed me standing there, gape-mouthed, and slammed on her breaks. She backed up and rolled down her window. "That's a rattlesnake!"

"I know! It's a rattlesnake!"

She leaned out of the window and snapped a picture of it with her phone. "You want me to run it over?"

Of course I did. But as I stepped out of the way to make room for her U-turn, I noticed a large black truck behind us turning onto the street. "Wait! Let's ask the guy in this truck."

Sure enough, the truck came around the corner and saw what was happening. The guy rolled down his window and my friend told him about the snake. He put his truck in reverse, and tried to run over the snake. Unfortunately, he barely touched it--enraging the snake, if it's ramrod-straight rattle was any indication.

The woman in the front seat rolled down her window and leaned her head out. "Did we get it?" I shook my head No. Once again, the truck backed up and then moved slowly forward. This time, a firecracker-like pop indicated he'd hit the target. My friend and I grimaced and shuddered as the truck rolled on its merry way.

As I resumed my walk, I couldn't help but think about several hard situations I'm facing right now. Potentially life altering situations. Situations I can't control the outcome of, because they involve human hearts. And God allows human hearts to choose. At moments, it's all I can do to not feel overwhelmed.

Yet sometimes our circumstances are too much for us. Sometimes there is a dangerous snake waiting on the road ahead of us. Yes, as Christian women we pray and believe. And our prayers are powerful. But there are times when we need our Abba Daddy to come rushing to our rescue.

"The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest." Exodus 14:14

Over the past two weeks, God has spoken to me over and over about my part and His part in all that's currently going on in my life. Right now, my part is to stand, resolute, and to hold on to my peace and be at rest in my soul. It's not easy. God is asking me to increase my trust in Him; to allow my faith to grow in spite of how things appear. I don't trust that everything will turn out exactly as I want (totally unrealistic) but rather, that somehow all things will work out for my good, regardless.

God is also asking me to step out of His way, so He can battle for me. God's part is to do battle, for "The Lord is a man of war..." (Exodus 15:3a). Yes, we cooperate with the Holy Spirit and do what He shows us. Right now, He has made it clear that my part is to step out of the way and trust Him. Just as He sent help the moment I spotted the rattlesnake, He will send us help and utterly destroy the enemy.

I don't know what you're up against right now, but I want to ask you one question: Whose battle is it, anyway?

Next Week: How do we "get out of God's way"?

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Photo taken by me.


Maher Family said...

Wow, what amazing words you share through your blogs! I too am a writer and I just wanted to say that you have an enlightening way with words. We can all honestly say we've been in that position feeling overwhelmed. We need to stop and remember to "Be Still" (Psalm 46:10) and just let God do His will. Thank you for a refreshing blog!! :)

Karen said...

Oh, my goodness Julie, your walks are becoming dangerous! Wow, and I'm afraid of the harmless black racers around my house.

God has something special for you even in your trying times. He keeps protecting you and those around. Yep, He's in control!

Diane said...

I have a similar family situation where it is up to God to change hearts and not me. I am standing and believing that His will will be done. :O)

Terri Tiffany said...

Just wanted to say I will be praying for you. Still waiting over here for God to show me what's up with the issues in my own life but I know nothing is wasted, is it?

Kelly L said...

Wonder and powerful post- it's sometimes very hard to let Him fight our battles..

Love to you.
I've Become My Mother

Edie said...

Excellent message Julie. It's hard to be still and rest when life feels out of control. But He comes through for us every time. He will never leave us or forsake us. Growing in Faith means learning to rest in the times of chaos.

Rich blessings to you!

Paula Wiseman said...

That's one of my favorite stories in all of Scripture. I also love the following verse- "Tell the children of Israel to go forward." Go ahead and go the direction He told you- He'll take care of mopping up.

BTW- I love Florida, but y'all got more than your share of varmints down there ;-)

Cheryl Barker said...

Julie, I love Ex. 14:14. What peace and what direction found in that short verse. Sorry to hear that you have some heavy burdens right now. I pray that God will strengthen you and keep you in His peace while everything is being resolved. Sending a hug your way!

Denise said...

Julie~ I was so glad to hear from you on my blog. I never did get back to you this summer nor did I make it to She Speaks. I flew down but had to fly right back. It's a very long story. It was the most difficult summer I have ever faced and the biggest spiritual battle I ever fought. I have tears just writing this because I was scheduled to meet with a publisher and that never happened. Please continue to pray for me. God bless.

KelliGirl said...

On a lighter note...you have the most adventurous and death-defying walks!! I say I hear God whisper to me on my walks and you see Him in action!

I am so sorry for the struggles you're facing. You have a beautiful and deep faith that's been tested and purified by the trials you've faced. I pray the Spirit fills you with the strength, wisdom and perseverance that you need and that God enveloped you in His impenetrable protection.

Praying for you!

Ginny said...

oh Julie, This post almost mirrors my latest one. I wrote about bouncing up and down in life. Right now, once again, I'm falling flat on my face. In chapel today, I cried out to my Abba. I need help!
Julie, it is definitely God's battle

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