Are you going through it? Hurts come, disappointments happen, and life isn't always rosy.

So inhale deeply, eyes closed, and whisper Jesus.
Breathe in His unspeakable joy.

And exhale your disappointments and hurts.

Inhale comfort and understanding from the One who knows your thoughts afar off.

And exhale tears, releasing your expectations.

Breathe in Truth--sharp, clear, and penetrating.

And exhale every false thought bombarding your mind.

Inhale the love of God, which never fails.

And exhale loneliness and stress.

Breathe in God's hope, allowing its sparkliness to expand in your lungs.

And exhale hopelessness.

Inhale His Spirit and allow His soothing comfort to wrap around your soul.

And know it is enough.

In this moment, Jesus is enough.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and over burdened, and I will cause you to rest--I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls. (Matthew 11:28)


Ginny said...

Most excellent...I think I will copy and keep it on my nightstand to read each evening!
It is a beautiful reminder to us all!

Colleen Reske said...


This is so beautifully written, and the words I needed to hear; amidst my confusing feelings of sorrow and pride as we pack up to move our son for his third year of college; as I grapple with faith and reason as I choose to begin a new career in Christian writing; as the fear surrounds me knowing I must deal with my other son's addiction; as I face the gift of resurrection of my marriage tho I know fully what the relationship may never offer... all I can do is trust in God. And breathe.

I agree with Ginny. I think I will print this out also to remind me I do not have to face these trials alone. God is always with me.

Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

Carolyn Evaine Counterman said...

I'm just nodding in agreement.

Bonita said...

I needed this so badly today, Julie. Just found out last night that my son won't be coming home this summer. He's chosen to work at a camp with a friend and they will be living at the camp or at the friend's family home. I'm crushed.

He had planned to work at the college the following summer as well (at least that was the original plan) so he may not be home for an extended visit (except for Christmas) for years! Or this may be it because when he graduates he may not be home at all.

I cannot even begin to express all the emotions I feel today.

Thank you my sweet friend for being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit and ministering directly to me today.

Cheryl Barker said...

Love the idea, Julie, of breathing in the goodness of God and exhaling all the negatives. Such a great word picture.

Also an fyi -- thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of pics and post on my blog about some writing-related news of mine. Fun stuff! :)

KelliGirl said...

I pray you have a sweet break and that the Spirit restores and fills you with new purpose and passion.

I am heading in the opposite direction in that after a season of filling and rest, I am ready to start anew.

Rest well, my friend.
Love and prayers,

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