Because We All Need a Champion

A little brown haired girl sat in her long gravel driveway, creating a circle out of pebbles. Inside the circle she placed spotted pebbles, pretending they were pintos and palominos in a corral—beautiful horses that bucked and whinnied and ran in the wind.
As the gravel left gritty indentations in her knees, so the sad neglect and often violent anger in her home left painful indentations in her heart. She pushed the pebbles around, imagining them to be pretty horses running with flowing manes, coaxing them and cooing to them. She secretly wished someone would coax and coo to her, and that she could run in the wind and feel safe and cared for.
40 years later, that little girl (me) has a divine champion--One more gracious, loving, and powerful than all she ever dared to hope or dream.
I think we all want a champion, someone who will fight for us, heal us, care about us, and coo to us. A divine Someone who encircles us with protection and coaxes us to run in the wind.
God can be that for you. He wants to be your Champion. I know this because:
  • He loves you with an everlasting love. {Jeremiah 31:3}
  • He rejoices over you with joy. {Zephaniah 3:17}
  • He knows and is fully acquainted with all your ways. {Psalm 1:6}
  • He turns your mourning into dancing. {Psalm 30: 5}
  • He instructs and teaches you the way you should go. {Psalm 32:8}
  • He rewards you and brings to pass His purposes for you. {Psalm 57:2}
  • He is your strength and impenetrable shield. {Psalm 28: 7}
  • He gives you peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over opposition. {Isaiah 54:17}
  • He contends with those who contend with you. {Isaiah 49:25}
  • He keeps you in perfect and constant peace. {Isaiah 26:3}
  • He heals your broken heart and cures your pain and sorrows. {Psalm 147:3}
  • He understands you. {Psalm 139:1-2}
  • He gives you power to hold yourself calm in days of adversity. {Psalm 94:13}
  • He always hears and is always listening for you. {John 11:41-42}
  • He leads you safely to the place He has prepared for you. {Exodus 23:20}
This girl grew up and found the One upon whom I can always rely. I hope that if you're not already acquainted with Him, you will be soon.
Because we all need a champion.
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I am sad for the sweet girl on the driveway. I am sorry that this was your childhood experience, which must have been so painful.

So glad you know The Champion.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I needed this; thank you, Julie.


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