He Thinks You're Beautiful

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We all have ‘em. Days when our hair is a mess, our clothes are comfy but undeniably unfashionable, and there’s not a speck of makeup on our faces.

This is typically when I end up running a last minute errand and bump into a stunning, well-coiffed friend. And though I can’t claim to feel spectacular at that moment, it helps to know Jesus thinks I’m gorgeous, even on what I consider my ugly days.

The truth is, your Savior is wild about you. He thinks you’re stunning, even when you’re wearing old sweat pants and a stained t-shirt.

Think about that. The One who came down from heaven to declare His love for you is absolutely smitten. With you. And even on days when you feel less than gorgeous, He longs to gaze into your eyes and remind you that you are.

Behold, you are beautiful, my love; you are beautiful; you have doves’ eyes.
(Song of Solomon 1:15)


Karen said...

You're right. I do forget that at times. Thanks Julie!

AmyAlves said...

Yay, Julie!!! I love God's love for me! :) ~ Blessings, Amy

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