When Grace Speaks

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If you've ever been on the receiving end of an accusation, hurtful words, or just plain rudeness (and who hasn't?) then you know how hard it is to respond with words of grace that honor Jesus instead of words of retaliation. 

When we're doing our best to mirror Jesus and remain close to Him (see this post) but words of grace don’t materialize, there is something important to remember: 

The only way for grace to speak through us is for grace to speak to us.

We need Jesus’ words of grace speaking to our own hearts before we can ever expect to speak grace to others. When we regularly spend time with the Prince of Peace, He diffuses any turmoil churning in our hearts so it doesn't leak out onto others. (See Luke 6:45)

Today—and every day—take time to quiet your heart and ask Jesus to speak. Drink in His word daily by reading scripture and listening for His still, small voice. Then, when unpleasant words come your way, you can be amazed when grace speaks.

Let your speech at all times be gracious, pleasant and winsome, seasoned as it were with salt, so that you may never be at a loss to know how you ought to answer anyone…(Colossians 4:6)

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Mothering from Scratch said...

Hi Julie! Good to be back in the blogosphere! :) Your post is so timely. I am working on speaking with grace to my children -- and with a teen and preteen -- that definitely takes being in tune with the Spirit! I have to call on Him multiple times a day to enable me to speak in the Spirit and not out of my fleshly impulses. When I do, I have peace -- in my own soul, even if my household is chaotic!

Congrats again on your book -- so awesome!

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