Making Difficult Decisions

Face it: sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. 

I recently had to make a difficult decision, and oh man, it was rough. It took me over two weeks to figure out what to do, but in the end I’m confident I made the right decision. Here’s a 4-minute video with the tips that helped me, and I hope it helps you when you have to make a decision.


Rachel Beran said...

Julie, I always appreciate your very practical and God-directed insight. And it was fun seeing a video of you "in action". :) I wrote these points down and plan to tuck them away in my prayer journal for a rainy (decision) day. It's definately easy to feel rushed and cave into that pressure when making decions, both big and small. Peace is definately a good indicator.
Thanks again, sweet sister!

Amy Alves said...

I love it when I get to hear you speak Julie! :) And, I love that we get to walk this "Full Life" journey together as sisters! Not rushing a decision shows such wisdom. And one thing I've enjoyed learning to do in my life lately is to lift up my "choice prayer" to the feet of Jesus, and leave it there. Trusting Him... coming back into it later on to see what He has to say. Listening seems to be a big part for me. Perhaps because my normal tendency is to talk a lot. ;) I did my first blog video today! Come see me if you can! ~ Blessings out wise woman, Amy :)

Susan said...

Love the VLOG, Julie! Great job on that!

And great content too. I love what you teach about not being rushed. That's a sure sign to WAIT.

Hugs from VA,

Karen said...

Awww, I just watched this and missed you! Great topic. And you just helped me inch closer in my search as to what is next with my writing--or if I should.... luv ya, hugs!

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