Fear. NOT!

Part 1. Fear is a Bully

If you’ve ever experienced a bully’s torment, or remember watching a kid lose his lunch-money to a bully back when you were in school, then believe it or not, you’re already familiar with one of fear’s tactics.

That’s right. Fear is a bully.

And just like a tough, mean kid staring you down in the school hallway, fear wants to intimidate you and prevent you from moving forward. But that’s not all.

Those thoughts you occasionally have? They’re not always you. Sometimes the enemy screams his bully taunts to intimidate us. You’ll never be able to do that. You’re pathetic. You are not qualified, so you might as well stop right now.

Unfortunately, sometimes what fear screams is true. Like we really aren’t qualified. I know I’m not. The good news is God uses the unqualified. I had to drop out of high school to earn a living; with only a G.E.D. to my credit, I lack a formal education. And though it was initially excruciatingly hard to believe in myself when I sensed God pushing me toward this crazy writing for publication journey, He opened doors that no man can close. I simply had to choose to obey.

Fear did its best to try to stop me from obeying, because ultimately, fear wants to shatter our confidence.

However, when our confidence is in the Lord, then it cannot be shattered. “Because the Lord shall be your confidence.” (Proverbs 3:26a)

When you feel mocked, scorned and bullied by fear, and when fear threatens to hold you back, know this: You have a Defender and a Champion who will walk with you so the fear bully not only can’t touch you, but will run the other way.

All you have to do is ask Him.

Lord, I don’t want to allow fear to bully me any longer. I will not yield my confidence, my dreams, or my hope. Instead, I will cling to You and ask You to walk with me as my Defender and my Champion. I will choose not to listen to the taunts and intimidation tactics of fear. Instead, I cling to the truth that I am Your precious jewel, Your co-laborer, and that Your power dwells in me. Thank you for Your plans for my good and not for disaster, plans to give me a future and a hope. When I am afraid, I will trust in You. Help me not to allow myself to be intimidated, but to walk in the authentic confidence that only comes from You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

This week, when fear tries to bully you, remember this: God is your champion. He is your confidence. And you can look fear in the eye, tell it “No!”, and keep moving forward.


Cheryl Barker said...

You're right, Julie -- the enemy indeed wants to bully and intimidate us with any number of tactics. Love how you point out that we have a Defender and Champion on our side. So thankful for Him!


Thanks, Julie.


Susan said...

Love this, Julie. And I love the new look of your site! Thank you for the prayer to stay focused and keep moving forward. Perfect for a Monday!!

julia mateer said...


Great reminder to press on even if afraid. Love your writing...always speaks to me!

Jill Beran said...

Love this Julie!! I greatly appreciate your words about choosing to obey! We all have a choice to make...sometimes it's just easier than others!

Have you ever heard "There's No Thief Like Fear" by Jason Gray? You should check it out! Ties in with this post real well! We saw him concert a few weeks ago and his words about this song were powerful!!

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