He Still Heals

The first time God physically healed me, I was a brand new believer suffering from a severe middle-ear infection that had created intense vertigo. The two medications that normally knock out this particular illness failed to work, and my doctor through her hands up in the air.

Several days later, my pastor prayed for me and though I didn't feel anything, the next morning I woke up and realized my ear didn't hurt and the vertigo was gone.

Just like that.

Yet there have been many times God has not healed me.

Six surgeries worth of times. (And yes, I believe God heals through doctors and medication and surgeries. They are His gift to us, and I'm exceedingly grateful for good doctors and successful surgeries.)

When I was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome 4 years ago (I know, I'd never heard of it, either), I asked the Lord to heal me. So did my husband. And we're both still asking.

So when I recently underwent major oral surgery and post-op pain intensified day after day, I knew something wasn't right, and I started asking again. I put it out there on Facebook and many wonderful friends prayed. (If you were one of those people, thank you!)

But nothing changed--unless you count more tears and groans.

On the 8th day after surgery, with excruciating pain radiating up my right jaw and into my ear, and the doctor's concern that if there wasn't improvement soon they'd have to open me back up, I wrestled with God...and with myself. Is my faith not strong enough, Lord? Have I done something to bring this on? Is there something You are trying to teach me, God? Lord, you parted the Red Sea. You healed the blind beggar. And I know you can heal me. 

Then I got real.

My question is, will you heal me? 

Then I made the decision to worship.

When it made the least sense, when my feelings weren't with me, I made the choice to flood my room with worship music, lift my voice to Him, and worship anyway.

And that is when I sensed Jesus speaking to my heart. Who said I'm not already healing you? My breath caught in my throat, and as He spoke again, His gentle words wrapped my frantic soul in a delightful warmth. You're going to be alright. 

I didn't hear an angelic choir or see a glowing halo of light fill the room. But I did sense a holy peace cascade from the tip of my heart to the tip of my toes.

And the throbbing, unbearable jaw and ear pain vanished.

Just like that.

Sweet friends, when a mighty army threatened King Jehoshaphat  and he did not know what to do, he chose to worship (See 2 Chronicles chapter 20), and God moved.

I realize we aren't guaranteed healing through worship. But if we will take our eyes off of our circumstances, particularly when we're hurting, and worship the One who deserves our attention, our time, and our hearts, we not only move God's heart, we discover that He IS our answer.

I don't understand all the components of  God's sovereign healing; not one of us can fully fathom His ways and honestly, this side of heaven, there will always be questions.

But I do know that He loves us and He is able, and that nothing is impossible for the Lord.

Whatever you are facing this week, I'd like to invite you to turn away from it, turn toward Him, be real (it's okay, He can handle it), and worship anyway.

And if you need prayer, leave me a comment. I'll link arms in agreement for God to touch you in a very real way this week. Because He still heals.


Cheryl Barker said...

Julie, when we worship through tears and pain, it must bless the heart of our Father so much. I'm praising God with you for the wonderful gift of miraculous healing He gave you this past week. Yes indeed, He still heals!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing testimony, Julie! How wonderful that He spoke that healing into you! Praying you're back to full speed soon so we can properly celebrate your book release!
Hugs from VA,

Hester's Heart said...

I praise God for your healing Julie! I appreciate you sharing your testimony to offer hope and encouragement to others. Worship through tears is truly a sacrifice in our heart . . . a sacrifice of surrender. God bless you, Hester ;)

Anonymous said...

Your post today helped me more than you could ever know. I have been suffering from chronic spinal pain and fybromyalgia for years and there is hardly a day goes by that doesn't find me in tears at some point. I WILL worship...and wait for my answer. Thank you so much!

Julie Gillies said...


I've added you to my prayer list for this week and will be praying for complete healing! May you sense the Lord's closeness!

Rachel Beran said...
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Rachel Beran said...

Thank you for sharing the details surrounding your healing, Julie. I believe so much is accomplished when we praise the Giver and Healer. If only we understood it better and did it more!

Just two weeks ago, God healed my little Noah's fractured leg. The doctor said he couldn't explain it. I said I could. GOD! I know He doesn't always choose to heal in this way, but this time He did. His ways def are not our ways. That's why we keep asking in faith, and leave the results in His capable hands. I think there's a big difference in knowing He can and believing He will.

Praising God for your healing! Thankful you shared, to glorify Him and to edify others.

AmyAlves said...

Thank you God, again and again! Love out to you sister Julie! ~ Blessings, Amy

Sheila said...

What about broken marriages and straying husbands?

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