When Letting Go Stings

I kept trying. Continued to think that somehow I could make it happen. I’d get inspired, make serious headway, and then Bam! life interrupted. A divine opportunity kept knocking at my door, and though I tried my hardest, I couldn't seem to even make it to the door, let alone get it to open.

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball  Our hopes and plans glimmer before us, and we long to grab them and run. Move forward. Make progress. But then the opposite happens, and we realize it’s just not working.

And that can sting.

Disappointment and confusion can trickle in. But if we are wise, we will take time to pray and reflect. Really, only God knows the big picture, and this is exactly when we need to hear His voice speak a calming and definitive word to our hearts.

  • Sometimes we will hear PAUSE, this is not for now. This is a divine timing issue.
  • Sometimes we will hear FIGHT, work harder and push forward. This is a growth in perseverance opportunity.
  • Sometimes we will hear NO, this is not for you. This is the hardest, and it boils down to trusting God. Perhaps He is sparing us pain and distress. Maybe it’s just the wrong way/opportunity/thing for some other reason. Trust Him.

My answer (this time) is to pause. Though the opportunity is good and exciting, my plate is full and I sense God telling me to wait. As hard as that is for me, I also see the wisdom in following His leading.

Ultimately, though letting go is not always easy, when we trust that God is ordering our steps (see Psalm 37:23), and that our times are in His hands, (see Psalm 31:15), our hearts are comforted. 

The sting of letting go is covered by His grace and loving-kindness. --> Tweet This!

Whether you are sensing you should let something go or push forward, there is a measure of protection and grace when we remain enfolded in God’s will. And that, sweet friends, is priceless.


myletterstoemily said...

what a great insight!

i had a weekend of pause, fight,
AND no.

even so, it is well with my soul.

Anonymous said...

Thank You! I needed that today!!


I love this practical teaching, Julie.


Susan said...

I'm with Glenda - so practical. I've recently had to step away from a friendship, which is a sting of a different sort. But it's what God is calling me to do, so I'm trusting Him to be my Salve :)
Thanks for always having an encouraging word, Julie.

Colleen Reske said...

Thank you, Julie.

Hester's Heart said...


Thank you for sharing with us. Your "pause, fight, and no," is right one! I too have experienced these at different times and even when it's hard to decline an opportunity, if it is the Lord's will for that time, we have been wise. ;)

Much love to you! Keep shining Julie! Hester, ;)

Jill Beran said...

Great post Julie! I'm so thankful God has really opened my eyes to this reality a bit more these last few years. Trusting in His plan is so much better than fretting about my own!!

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