Three Gifts

 In this season of finding just the right gifts for the ones we love, then wrapping and tucking them beneath fragrant evergreen branches, my heart cries out to give a meaningful gift to the One who deserves it most of all.

This year as we search for perfect gifts, let’s offer Jesus something He can find nowhere else: gifts from our hearts.

  • A humble heart. This is a hard one. Lord, point out areas of pride and help me to yield to Your Spirit. Enable me to think of others more often than myself. Give me a servant’s heart.
  • A courageous heart. This means we don’t make decisions based on fear; that we do things in spite of feeling terrified. Lord, help me to see You as bigger than my fears. Help me to do the right thing even when I’m afraid. Thank You for Your grace.
  • A willing heart. This might be the most costly. It could mean staying when we yearn to go, or giving a yes when we’d rather say no. Above all, it means His will prevails. Lord, grant me a willing heart to sustain me. Help me to prize and accomplish Your will in spite of what it might cost me. Equip and enable me by Your Spirit.
Over two thousand years ago wise men and kings knelt before the Christ child and brought rare and costly gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

But I have a feeling those splendid treasures cannot compare to the precious treasures we can offer Him from our own hearts.



Humble, courageous, willing ... beautiful/hard gifts, indeed.


Cheryl Barker said...

Three wonderful gifts to give the One who came to give us all. Have a blessed Christmas season, Julie!

Jill Beran said...

So, so true! Love this post Julie! Great things to think about as Christmas draws near and the craziness builds! As a homeschooling mom I think about the joy I'd have if my kids gave me these gifts...I'm sure my Father would feel the same!! THanks for sharing, Jill

Hester's Heart said...

I love these gift ideas Julie! Very good indeed. The best gifts do come from our heart. ;)

Love, Hester ;)

AmyAlves said...

Beautifully said sister! May we know Him better this Christmas and may His truth spread. ~ Love out, Amy

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