When Everything In You Just Wants to Quit {And a Free Printable Download}

If you’ve got a calling on your life (and I believe that we all do), there are going to be times you want to quit because it feels too difficult. 

Whether it’s a call to stay in your marriage, write a book, become a doctor, join the military, learn another language, or get free from your past, you’re going to face days that make you want to not only throw in the towel, but stomp its ever-loving terrycloth loops to smithereens. (Ahem.)

I’m convinced that, more than anything else, the enemy simply wants us to quit.

I know, because I’ve been the target of those feelings many times. I’ve thrown in the towel, stomped on it, and tossed it right out the window. I flat-out gave up and told God I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Which is right where the enemy wants us.

If we can be convinced that it’s too hard, that we’ll never make it, that it’s no use, well, he’s won. And we will miss our God-given destinies. Just knowing that helps us keep things in perspective.

When we feel strongly tempted to quit, we would be wise to do three simple—but powerful—things:

1. Pray. Get raw-honest with God—He knows how you feel anyway. Then ask Him to help you not to quit. It’s really that simple. And don’t ask just once. Keep asking. (See Matthew 7:7)

2. Sing. I know, singing is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re in a towel-tossing fit. But when we dare to worship God in the middle of our ugly, His beauty rushes in and transforms our hearts like nothing else.

3. Absorb. Scripture is not mere words on paper. It’s living and active and it accomplishes all that God intends. Declaring and agreeing with God’s word is the supernatural boost that will enable us to keep going strong. I’m so convinced of this that I’ve created a new printable, 7 Scriptures To Keep You Going Strong. Get your copy by CLICKING HERE.

Whether you're about to quietly give up or you’re on the verge of a towel-stomping, tossing, quit-fit, leave me a comment and I'll pray for you. I treasure your comments and pray over every one.

Here is a prayer video for when you feel overwhelmed:

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Anonymous said...

This is how I feel about my marriage. My husband left me in November for another woman. Almost weekly, I hear how he has made the biggest mistake in his life and he is coming home. My faith and trust in God is always being tested. Next month is our 25th wedding anniversary and I wonder if God wants me to continue.

Tammy said...

Just afew months ago, He placed on my heart to write a book to the post-aborted woman. At first I was "Yes, LORD" but then I thought I'm not a writer and I'm feeling inadequate, wondering if I should move on to something else.

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh Julie ..this is so true... I have walked this path more than once in life and have done the very things you said and in the end it all worked and I was all the better for it. I remember facing the enemy head on and printing out on full 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper scriptures of encouragement and his promises and pinning them all over the wall so everywhere I went I was surrounded by his unfailing word. It was a great boost when my mind would be dark and in doubt to look up and see a scripture staring at me in bold letters telling me God was there and to keep going. It was a long long 2 years of walking through the Valley but I came through that season a stronger God fearing woman. Praise the Lord for all his goodness !

I generally follow your blog quietly but you spoke words near and dear to my heart ..

Never give up or give in ..Because I promise the Lord hasn't give up on us !

Blessings ..Sara

Cheryl Barker said...

Great strategies, Julie. Love how you included singing and worship. They indeed transform!

Wanda said...

Julie...this blog post was so timely for me this morning; some mornings I feel as though I go from defeat to defeat rather than victory to victory..BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL ..we are working through some debt issues that often seem to have us treading water as we divide my husband's paycheck in more ways than it seems possible for it to go. My heart hurts for my sweet 15 y.o. son, who is a seasoned lacrosse athlete, as he tries to man-up his first year in high school lacrosse playing for a coach who has yet to put him in a game four games into the season. My words of encouragement to him only seem to go as far as my lips...God has been interjecting things into my morning by way of Christian radio and now your post. I will pursue a course re-direction and pray, sing & absorb...God Bless You..

Anonymous said...

I have gone from loving my job, to dreading going everyday. I work with some very Toxic people!!! I tend to take their lack of good work ethics to heart... they are on the internet and texting constantly...there are things to be done, but they leave these things for 2-3 of the rest of us to do. It should be obvious to the supervisor, but nothing is being done. I know it is not up to me/or my business/or place to do anything about them...but it is so hard for me to understand these gossipy and back stabbing people...i just want to quit!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very, very much for your book "Prayers for a Woman's Soul"! I purchased on my Kindle, read the first 2 chapters, then rushed to my Christian bookstore to buy the hardcopy! I knew right away this was something I needed 2 copies of with me at all times ~ I have the Kindle app on my IPhone and now your tiny prayer book in my purse! Thank you so much, and I'm still only on Chapter 4:)

Julie Gillies said...

Thank you, "Anonymous", for your sweet words! I'm so glad you like my book enough to buy two copies! I appreciate your encouragement! :-)

Missy said...

Thank you so much for the 7 scriptures!! I love it and will print it out to use everyday! Doing this has really helped me in my struggles. Repeating God's word has really strengthened me, so thank so much!
I also LOVE your book by the way. I love saying the prayers and the verses! I feel so connected to God when I read them, and the reading before them is so great. Its nice to hear someone else feeling the way you've felt! I pray many blessing for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, how did you know that I was deciding this very day to give up writing, blogging. Technical challenges just seems too hard and who cares anyway.
But I've printed your words and The Word.

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Missy,
I'm so glad you will be using the 7 Scriptures. They've really helped me so I know they will strengthen you, as well!

And thank you for the kind words about my book--I truly appreciate your encouragement! :-)

Hester's Heart said...

Very timely post Julie!

Thank you for encouraging me to stay the course.

Love to you, Hester ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie! Thank you so much for the "7 Scriptures" to print. Very helpful, because I tend to "catastrophize" if that's a word...these verses stop that! Also, am so happy to have found your latest book,"Prayers for a Woman's Soul", the verses you include for each week are wonderful. xo Carol

Anonymous said...

I just don't think I can do this anymore. What's the use?

Anonymous said...

This is so timely for me Julie! i just found out this morning that my husband of 23 years has been chatting with other women on line and sending them explicit photos of himself. He says that he still loves me that this is just a result of my dealing with breast cancer theses past 2 years and not being there for him physically. I so want to believe him but it's hard not to think it would just be easier if I let him go. I know that's not true but I'm feeling a little of the throw in the towel feeling. your post has helped me realize I can't just give up during this time of trial. Thank you

Julie Gillies said...

Anonymous, I'm SO sorry about what you discovered about your husband of 23 years. My heart just breaks for you. May you sense God's loving compassion and comfort. May the Lord give you wisdom (and the support of close friends and family) as you establish boundaries and move forward.

And Anonymous above that comment, I understand thinking you can't go on, truly I do. I'm asking the Lord to be very real to you right now. May He give you great grace for whatever situation you are facing.

Praying, praying, praying. For each one of you.

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