Last week I had the privilege of rooming with the fabulous Tracie Miles at the She Speaks conference. Tracie is a wife and mom who also happens to be on the Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker team, and the author of the book Stressed-Less Living.

I couldn’t wait to introduce you to Tracie and her book, (do you know anyone who doesn't deal with entirely too much stress in their lives?) We are giving away a copy of "Stressed-Less Living" to one random winner who leaves a comment! Here’s Tracie:

Exodus 33:14 says "My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

Have you ever felt like stress was choking the life right out of you? As if you might implode if you have to face one more stressful situation and all you wanted was to truly rest?

I know how that feels, because I’ve been there. Unfortunately the world that we live in today is packed with stressors more than ever before, and everyone, women especially, are suffering the brunt of this universal epidemic.

Stress from parenting, marriage, work, finances, and worries over economy and politics plague our hearts and minds every day, and sometimes, it might seem more like than we can handle. 
Or maybe we think we are adapting well and managing our stress, but our bodies might be showing some wear and tear – emotionally, spiritually, mentally and even physically.

Fortunately, God knew that we would need stress relief, and when we reach the end of our rope, He is always there waiting for us, holding the solution to our stress and the peace that we are all so desperately looking for. We often think that changes in our circumstances will reduce our stress, but the changes really need to begin in our hearts.

The inner peace that comes from the miracle of a changed heart, a renewed perspective on life, and a reenergized faith is the only kind of permanent peace available. Massages, vacations, time off work and nights away from the kids offer temporary relief, but only a close relationship with God offers the lasting peace that we long for.

So are you ready to start exchanging a life of stress for a heart full of peace? Below you will find 10 tips for helping you tap into a peace-filled, less stressed life.

1. Recognize what is causing you the most stress and ask God to help you in those areas. Change the things you can change, but what you can’t change, turn over to God.

2. Reflect on what your definition of peace is. Is it based on your circumstances or your relationship with God? Ask God to help you relax because of who He is, not because life is conflict free.  

3. Reclaim your identity. Make sure that the opinion you have of yourself lines up with what God’s Word says about you, and not the opinions of others or the trappings of comparison. Forgive those who have hurt you and embrace your worth and value in Christ.

4. Redirect your thoughts. Focus on becoming an optimist, putting pessimism behind you.  

5. Rearrange your priorities and control your busyness. Ask God for guidance about what your priorities should be right now, and for the courage to make changes as He sees fit.

6. Refresh yourself by getting a portion of God’s Word every day, so that His peace can fill your heart. Also make time for yourself and do something that you enjoy.

7. Release your fears and worries to God, instead of letting them suffocate your joy and peace. Ask God for the strength to trust that He has it all under control.

8. Refocus on what’s really important in life. Don’t become consumed with sweating the small stuff.

9. Reinforce your faith by spending time in prayer, studying scripture, and fellowshipping with other believers. Equip yourself with spiritual armor so you will be prepared to stand strong when adversity strikes.

10. Recharge your life by humbling yourself before God, acknowledging your stress, and embracing the true rest that He offers.

Sweet friends, Tracie is giving away a signed copy of her book to one lucky person who leaves a comment. So take a deep breath, leave a comment, and commit to living a stressed-less life by God’s grace—starting today!

To dig deeper into each of these 10 tips, get more information about how to apply them to your everyday life, life, and take advantage of daily personal challenges for each tip, join the thousands of women who have signed up for Tracie’s free 10 DAY STRESS DETOX.  Get more information on her blog at www.traciemiles.com.

You can also purchase Tracie’s newly released book, Stressed-Less Living: Finding God’s Peace In Your Chaotic World.  And visit Tracie’s new book website for free stress management tips and resources at www.stressedlessliving.com .


A Journey For Life said...

Love this list of 10! Stress is something I struggle with

Terri Tiffany said...

I would love love love to win a copy of this book. Since my husband lost his job in 2007, we have lived nothing but stress--trying to survive and now restart our lives here in PA.Last week, I finally turned our financial situation over to God again but this time committed to trusting HIM to take care of our needs.

Ginny said...

I could use this book. Health issues and finances seem to be my huge stressors! Stress is our way of life, and I am sick of it!

Monika Craig said...

Also, I am reminded about the acronym for BUSY - being under satan's yoke --- that always brings me back to what the Lord is wanting for me --- thank you for your words.

KW said...

I so need this! My two adult sons just moved back home and need to stop stressing and start leaning on God more. Thank you perfect timing!! :)

Anonymous said...

Would LOVE to win this book! A lot has been going on within my family this summer and I have taken on a lot more stress than I'm sure the Lord wants me to! Thank you!

Tammy said...

I would also love to win this book! As an empty nester, I thought life would become less stressed! That's what I get for thinking! Caring for parents, opening a business with hubby and only child moving away ten hours for a job. Stress? Yeah, I got it!!! Could use some tips! (And you're right, massage only works for a while--I'm married to a Licensed Massage Therapist!! But it does work, until the next stressor!!)

Anonymous said...

#4 cannot be preached enough to me! BE Optimistic, NOT Pessimistic!!!
Janet from Odessa, TX

Unknown said...

This list truly spoke life into me! Thank you great women of God for your ministries in encouraging women all over the world!!!

@Monika Craig...I absolutely love the acronym BUSY. I've never heard that. It reminds me of an episode of Sponge Bob where Squidworth was to entrust Sponge Bob with added responsibility, but he instead wore himself out running like a chicken with his head cutoff trying to make sure Sponge Bob wasn't messing up.
Squidworth allowed fear to choke out his trust in Sponge Bob. My 9yr old told me that I am just like Squidworth. Talk about God sending a Word! Out of the mouth of babes!!!

Be encouraged all!

~Zakiya Simmons-Earl

Teresa Richardson said...

After being out of work for over a year, I accepted a job at minimum wage, no sick days, no vacation days, no raises, no benefits. The demands of this job (I am front desk clerk at a motel) and now a month of working seven days a week are causing a lot of stress in my life and my marriage. This would be a great book to have to help me cope and to give it all to God

Mary T said...

Julie, I am blessed to have already read Tracie's book and participated in the SLL OBS! I cannot begin to put into words the changes that have occurred in my life. My relationship with God has grown deeper and more intimate. I have become more aware of how strengthening my time spent with His Words, His truth is to my entire being. I have always felt that the Lord blesses me with every breath I take and that turning to Him is my only true respite from my crazy busy life, but Tracie's journey enhanced mine and encouraged me to take good care of myself through His promise of rest and peace that only He can provide!  

Patty Hall said...

I think stress is just a part of living but it's how we deal with it that matters. Unfortunatley I allow circumstances to control my life and therefore the stress is worse. I love the tips that you have given.
Would love to read the book. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have been stressed for quite some time due to drama with co-workers and don't see an end in sight. I hope this book will help me cope. Thanks for the 10 tips for stressed less living.

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