{My God-Given Destiny} Week 7 of Prayers for a Woman’s Soul Online Study!

Hi Sweet Friends,

Deep inside each one of us lies a spark of potential—a God-given destiny urging us to achieve the thing God Himself has wired us for. 

Whether it is the call of a nuclear scientist, a mom, a triathlon participant, a chef, a gardener, a teacher, or anything else, we all hold divine potential. That potential percolates on the inside of us, bubbling up on occasion to make its presence known, urging us to move forward, pursue it, and, in His name, attempt great things.

Because of a traumatic childhood, I went into survival mode for years (without realizing it) and the gift God entrusted to me was buried. But God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable (see Romans 11:29), and the Lord unearthed my gift and handed it back to me. What a surprise! But He enabled me to clearly understand my gift and then encouraged me in a variety of ways to nurture the gift and make it grow.

Are you walking in your God-given destiny?

Your Week 7 assignment is to…read Chapter 52, My God-Given Destiny. As you’ve probably noticed, we won’t be reading the book in order—instead, I will be picking and choosing from among my favorite chapters (and that’s sort of hard!). But I’m praying and trusting God to lead us.

Chapter 52 Excerpt from Prayers for a Woman's Soul

(Page 250) …For some of us, fulfilling our God-given destinies will probably be the hardest thing we ever do. But it will also be the most rewarding, satisfying part of our lives. As we determine to fulfill God’s plans and purposes for our lives, our faith will stretch and our understanding of God’s sovereignty will increase.

This week’s verse:
 For we are God’s own handiwork, His workmanship, recreated in Christ Jesus, born anew that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live. (Ephesians 2:10)

This week’s questions:
  •  What do you feel is your greatest hindrance to fulfilling your God-given destiny?
  • How might you change your prayers this week so that you can step closer toward your destiny in Christ?
Though overcoming my surprise, fears and insecurities was not easy, I am glad that God relentlessly pursued and encouraged me. Because of His faithfulness, His grace, and His power at work in my life, I now walk in my God-given destiny. My prayer for you this week is that if you are not already doing so, you will take the first steps toward yours.

I will be praying for you all week long as you pray about your God-given destiny. Meet me on the Prayers for a Woman’s Soul community FACEBEOOK PAGE any time during the week and share your heart, answer the morning question, or read the evening prayer.

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Anonymous said...

It's after domestic violence trauma I realised my true calling to help victims of violence heal in mind, body and spirit. Faced many obstacles because of not letting go of hurt and unforgiveness. Now I am free in Christ and through writing will help others. Healing starts within us before we can help others heal. Thanks for your inspiration, we all have the potential to do great things for God.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Sometimes I can't believe how wonderful God's timing is...I am struggling with letting go of the hurts from my childhood. I can't seem to or won't get past having a mother who to this day treats me like she hates me. The only way that I knew how to survive was by staying away from her when I became an adult. As a child I survived by pretending that I was mixed up in the hospital and that my real mother would find me and love me. After 45 years I don't know how to truly get past this and have some type of relationship with my mother. She says she wants us to be close, but I can't imagine being close to her after all of the pain. However, I want to do whatever is necessary to get past this so that I can be free and walk in my God-given destiny.

Anonymous said...

Well, the previous comments say it all for me. Dealing with all of the above. the anger and rage inside me over what was, what is and what will never be is overwhelming. the emotions that come with healing can seem overwhelming. So I asked God to help me yield my desires,, my hopes and my need for control of what I have no control over. I cannot do this on my own strength. I know that. I need Him. So I wait for His healing as I work through the painful emotions of the past, tolerate those who say, It's in the past, get over it, and ask God to do for me what I cannot. I can't, God can, I think I'll let Him. A BIG PRAYER. Thank you for both of your previous posts.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such an awesome devotion. I think that doubt, fear and insecurity were what was keeping me from "take the step of faith", but when I did God gave me such peace and encouragement. Now as we meet for our Prayer Shawl Meetings, I feel such joy in my heart, because I'm doing what God planned for me, I'm using my hands, His gift to bless others.

Anonymous said...

I'm always trying to figure out God's call on my life. What I thought was it didn't happen, motherhood for one. So I tried to find my purpose in a career or jobs. Those didn't last for various reasons. For now though, I believe my call has been to be a stay at home wife. Not really the choice I would have picked for myself but God has allowed me this time to grow and learn of Him. I hope to work again, doing something I have a passion for. I loved the prayer, especially praying for divine connections, divine opportunities and divine relationships. I just need to trust Him when those divine opportunities come my way even if it's not what I expected. Thank you.

Char said...

I think my hinderance has always been, what people think about me. I am afraid to fail, or to sound or look stupid. I know stupid is a very harsh word, but that is what I was called throughout my childhood, not only by my family but by other children. I am capable of learning, I have a job with lots of responsibilities and I handle it well. but when it comes to making personal decisions I don't always think things through and I don't understand a lot of things. I find that I don't retain things and that when people talk to me I hear only bits & pieces of what is being said, (not due to hearing problems, but connecting and putting it together) I guess the better way to say it is I don't always grasp it. Its like I'm in the next room and I can hear the radio playing, but not hear all the words to the songs that are being played. It's hard to explain, but that is how it's been for me. I often have people say don't you remember our conversation or I told you this already, but for the life of me I can't remember. So my fear is being found out that I'm not all there. I guess I could say it's like the person who never learned to read or write, but fakes his way through life hoping no one will know. I am an emotional person, my emotions rule me. I have struggled with believing that God loves me and forgives me, I constantly relieve the past, I don't find that I am growing spiritually. I read scripture, I pray. I do okay for a little while, and then I find that I have gone back to the old ways. I don't want to, I honestly think it's a problem with how my brain works. I keep trying to do the best I can with what God has given me.

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