{My Peace} Week 3 – Prayers for a Woman’s Soul Online Study!

Hi Sweet Friends,

This week we are praying for a commodity that is highly valuable on our planet these days—something that many people live without. But because of Jesus, we have a supernatural supply. When all hell is breaking loose around us, we can—amazingly—still experience peace.

Are you in a battle for peace right now? Sometimes peace is a daily battle, but I’ve discovered that when I shift my focus and worship Him anyway, the waves aren’t quite so big anymore, and God speaks His peace over me.

Your Assignment for Week #3: Read Chapter 18, My Peace

Chapter 18 Excerpt: “Worshipping in a time of crisis flies in the face of all we’re feeling. Our emotions tempt us to have a meltdown. Yet when we choose to shift our focus from the overwhelming situation to the Lord, when we worship in spite of how we’re feeling, we move the heart of God. He will intervene. And though the circumstances may not change (my son was still in Iraq, after all), we will change. We will have peace in the middle of our battles.”

Two other things I try to remember in the battle for peace is: (1) Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and He is greater than every situation. When I remain near Him, my peace remains. And (2) Jesus bequeathed His peace to us when He died on the cross (see John 14:27, below). That means that His peace is rightfully ours—we literally inherited it from him! Isn’t that powerful?

This Week’s Verses: 

I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for He speaks peace to His faithful people. (Psalm 85:8)

Peace I leave with you; My own peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.” (John 14:27) (AMP)

This Week’s Questions:

  • Can you think of a situation right now that is infringing on your peace?
  • Are you willing to worship God in the middle of your most difficult battlefield moments?
I will be praying for you all week long as together we pray for and about peace! Please leave a comment sharing what you’re walking through as you battle for peace. And remember, Jesus is greater—His peace is your inheritance!

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Anonymous said...

Why is worshipping in the time of crisis so difficult? I can make myself sick with worry or wallow in self pity for days until I finally fall on my knees and ask for help. Then, without fail, our sweet Father lifts me back up and fills my heart with His love, comfort and peace. Why is asking for his help not my go to? Time and time again He has shown me that He is just waiting for me to seek Him.

Anonymous said...

Need prayers for my parents, living in another country. My worry and anxiety is on their account. My Mom had a fracture and is bed ridden. She has psychological issues and doesn't respond properly to people. My Dad is her primary care giver, insists on doing all by himself without seeking help becoz he thinks he can save money instead of wasting it on help. Being away makes it difficult. My Mom gave her life to Christ. Went through the motions, sometimes I wonder if she really meant it. Coz since she did that, she has battled a lot of issues. My Dad is a devout Catholic. Believes in Jesus. Serves my Mom faithfully. I have been praying hard for a breakthrough in their life, with their circumstances, but seem like I'm coming against strong resistance. Feeling discouraged.

Sonja said...

Thank you so much ~ I am at a place that God's word is so important I pray for most everything, safety in my car for my grand kids, for the food I am blessed to have for help being a widow and not physically or financially able to go day after day... these words do impact me amd help me stay focused God knows, God is HERE God will provide...So by surrounding my self with HIUS WORD and talking to HIM I can go another day... He asks so little of us really... I am so frateful for my life with HIM so I can have my life with my daughters, my grand children and my friends ... Thank you for reminding me ( actually teaching me ) to pray for me as well as all I love...

Anonymous said...

Praying for peace even in the middle of family issues.
Please pray for my son of 21 years old. Thanks

Lyndaf said...

Jilie, This weeks focus on peace hits home for me!! I am facing a divorce next week, feel no confidence in my attorney, but keep remembering that Jesus is my attorney, and He can turn things totally upside down and to His glory from what is expected. So each day I pray earnestly for the Peace to face the future alone, not alone from Jesus, but without a spouse. Don't understand why but thank you so much for your amazing words of wisdom and comfort and I read exactly on the day I need them most! I thank God that you have allowed Him to work through you to bless us! Thank you Julie.

Julie Gillies said...

Oh Anonymous, I pray that God's overwhelming peace and wisdom will flood your soul. Lord, touch and heal her precious mom and let Your amazing grace swoop in and bring relief to the entire family. God You are greater than all of this. Though we don't always understand, Lord, we choose to worship You anyway. Thank you for Your healing presence in the name of Jesus.

Lord I pray for peace for family issues and for that 21 year old son. God, You know Him. Please make Yourself real to Him. Move in that boy's heart and as only You can in the strong name of Jesus.

And God, I lift up LF and thank you that she is NOT alone. That You are Emmanuel, God WITH us. You are LF's provider, her wisdom, and her shield. Lord touch and comfort her as only You can. Grant divine provision and supernatural peace as she walks this difficult path. In Jesus's name, Amen.

morningDove said...

here is my post for this morning after returning from a visit with my mom. God has been so gracious to me bc my mother has always been critical of me but this visit (she's 84 battling diabetes) her first response was on how great I look (I was diagnosed with BC). my hubby noticed my mouth dropped open and I was so amazed. I had harbored so much against her for not loving me but seeing this frail little lady sitting in the bed broke me and allowed all that hurt/pain to be washed away. it doesn't matter to me anymore. I have such peace over this resolved issue. God is so amazingly wonderful and gracious. I went back up to see her and spend a few days with her just serving her needs.

I too pray for anonymous's father and caregiver of her mom. bless them both and keep them healthy and strong. give her peace that her mother is saved and loved by you O God.
having sons I pray for this young 21yr old direction for his life an that he would feel the presence of His Heavenly father wrapping his arms around him, loving on him through every situation. for LF I pray as I do for my oldest son going thru a divorce he had not anticipated that You Lord would bring comfort and peace. That they would look to you in how to continue w/o their mate. bring them great joy in the days to come as they begin a single life complete in You O Lord.
and I thank God for you, Julie as you have opened up yourself to give back through this bible study.

Anonymous said...

I need prayer for Salvation of my 3 children especially my 19 year old son, who is very introverted.

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