{Week 1} The 2014 Prayers for Woman’s Soul Online Study!

Welcome to the first week of the new Prayers for a Woman’s Soul online study! I’m so glad you are here and hope that our time together will help you to pray more—for yourself—and that you will feel refreshed, revived, and transformed by the Holy Spirit as you pray.

This time YOU chose the topics we will be praying about via an official survey I conducted. What fun! I absolutely loved hearing from you and discovering which prayer topics most concern you. The results surprised me, and they will be a surprise for you, too! We will be going in reverse order. So if you want to know the #1 topic ladies most wanted to pray about, you’ll have to stick around for all 6 weeks of our online study! J

  • As your pampering prayer journey begins, you will read the chapter assigned to you. Then you will pray for that particular topic for the entire week. This is where your notebook will come in handy. Write down each week’s topic, then zero in on specifics.
  • Record what you sense God is impressing on your heart. This will become a treasured resource you can refer to later when the same issue comes up (and don’t we know that always happens?!), and what you’ve written now will enable you to persevere in prayer and belief later.
  • Don’t forget to use each week’s personalized Scripture verses {“God’s Word for Me” at the end of each chapter} as part of your prayer time.
  • Each week we will focus in on one particular Scripture verse—it will become our go-to verse as we pray for each week’s specific topic.
Are you ready? Number 6 on the survey, the sixth most desired topic to pray for and what we will be tackling this week in our prayer time is: MY DECISIONS.

Your Assignment for Week #1: Read Chapter 31, My Decisions. Decision-making does not come easily to me. But I am learning. Through the years, God has taught me from my mistakes (ouch!) and I would like to share a video I made last year on How to Make Difficult Decisions. (See below.)

Chapter 31 Excerpt: “As we approach any decision, we should always begin by asking Jesus…for wisdom and clear direction. We can then resist…rushing into a decision, because ‘To be overhasty is to sin and miss the mark’ (Proverbs 19:2).”

This Week’s Verse:

“In all my ways I will submit to Him, and He will make my paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:6)

This Week’s Questions:
  • Does making a decision create pressure that adversely affects you?
  • Does the prospect of always following after peace when making decisions appeal to you?

I will be praying for you all week long as together we pray for and about our decisions. Feel free to join me on the Prayers for a Woman's Soul Community Facebook Page any time during the week and let me know your thoughts and experiences! And please leave me a comment letting me know how YOU make decisions, what decision you are trying to make right now, or if making decisions comes easily to you. 

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Cindy in PA said...

Thank you Julie for beginning this Week of Prayers study. And thank you for your vlog too!

I have been know to agonize over big decisions and wrestle around with them until I'm exhausted, then turning to God. Not the best way of coming to a decision.

I do like your teaching of always following after peace. Turning to Him first seems like a more intelligent action!

Diana said...

I just came through a rough time. It was emotional. I made a decision and three weeks have passed, God rescued me. I AM SO GLAD, I had God in charge and he restored me to my previous position at my job. I loved what you said on page 153 that God ushers us back on the right path. For me He answered my prayer in such an amazing way. Looking forward to the next six weeks. Blessings

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Cindy, you're so right--turning to Him first seems like a more intelligent action. lol My prayer for us ALL is that turning to Him first will become first-nature!

Diana, I am SO glad God moved in your situation. I can hear the relief in your words. What a loving God! I'm happy you're doing the study with us! :-)

Lyndaf said...

Julie, it is totally amazing how your daily emails are EXACTLY what I need. The one on guilt hit me between the eyes. You described me to a tee!! And how I long to be free of that weight. You have renewed my determination to turn down the path of healing with the Holy Spirits guidance. It is so healing for me too, to read that I am not alone in this issue. You touch on real life issues throughout your whole book and I am blessed beyond words by your gift of writing. So hope you are working on book #2! Thank you and please keep me in your prayers and I begin my life "single" again.

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