A Prayer of Hope

This week let’s pray together about hope. When our hearts are overwhelmed by our realities, hope is an anchor that prevents us from drifting into unbelief.

Hope is something we must make a diligent effort to hold on to. How do we do that? By daring to believe God’s Word, and through prayer. Hot messes need hope!

Prayer of Hope

Lord, I am grateful that the hope You offer me enables me to face and accept reality while daring to believe You for change. I don’t have to stick my head in the sand.

I don’t have to live in denial. I can face the facts yet embrace holy hope, by Your grace.

As I continue to trust You and keep my focus on You, help me continually to embrace holy hope.
I will dare to believe the promises You have whispered to my heart, God, because You are faithful and good. 

May Your plans prevail in my life, Lord. From this day forward may holy hope bubble up in my soul.

In the strong name of Jesus, Amen.

Leave a comment and I will pray for you this week.

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Alissa said...

My husband,Tim, needs this prayer! He works for a company where he is the only known Christian and he constantly feels pressure to conform to the ways of the company culture. I'm sure you're asking why he doesn't just get another job. Because he feels stuck because of the great salary he makes. Please pray for him to wholeheartedly trust in the Father's promise to provide. Please pray he will have supernatural hope to take that step of faith and follow where God leads. This situation is causing great anxiety for us both and strife in our marriage. Thank your for your prayers!

Julie Gillies said...

Stopping now to pray for Tim! May the Lord encourage his heart (and yours) and orchestrate his steps. May He enable Tim to trust and obliterate strife, filling your hearts with His supernatural peace.

Anonymous said...

AMEN to this prayer! This puts an exclamation point at the end of what I've been learning at BSF. 3 teenage daughters, 2 with high functioning autism. We have/Are experiencing things we NEVER thought could happen in our house. Today I am overcome with how I have failed as a parent. Everyday brings a new crisis and I can't seem to see past the crisis to see God in all of this. I keep getting pulled into the details of each awful new reality our girls are drawn to. How I need this reminder...this mantra to move past the everyday invasion of sin and darkness they face. Thank you for this life line!

McEwen's Wife said...

Just listening to MercyMe singing about my hope is in the Lord. A truth that I hope I evidence in my life - demonstrating it daily. It is well with my soul.

Julie Gillies said...

Anonymous with the 3 teens, I am praying great grace for you! May the Lord send encouragement and JOY to your heart as you walk through this current hard season. Hold on to Him, He is faithful! ((Hug))

Julie Gillies said...

Jane, His hope makes it all possible, doesn't it? Praying a big blessing on you today. :-)

Unknown said...

I just read this today. HOPE that is exactly what I needed today. I had lost my way and focused on something other than the truth. Thank-you

Unknown said...
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