How to Pray for Your Children {FREE Printable!}

This summer I’m highlighting some of my most popular blog posts. Enjoy!

Motherhood has always been a hard job. And maybe it’s just me, but it seems like our culture is making it harder than ever to raise wise, godly kids.

And so, I pray.

Yes, my kids are older. But I still pray. And I also have grandkids now, so my prayers won’t be stopping any time soon.

It grieves me to see so many children struggling against the powerful tide of our culture and all of its distractions, enticements, and outright lies. Truly the enemy desires to destroy the faith of our next generation.

But the enemy underestimates the power of a praying mom! I just can't sit idly by and allow our nation and our world's ungodly beliefs and the enemy's plans to steal my children (and grandchildren's) faith. And THAT is why I pray.

Consistently praying for our kids is probably the most important thing we can ever do for them. 

If you're not sure where to start or how, exactly, to pray for your children, I’ve created a powerful, Scripture-based prayer printable for you called Essential Prayers for Your Kids. And it’s completely FREE. A gift from my heart to yours (and from one mom to another!).

To get your free Scripture-based prayer printable, just CLICK HERE. (Or visit my Free Resources page.)

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Happy summer and happy praying!

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