Holding on to Hope

How do we maintain our hope while navigating the sometimes harsh reality of our circumstances? When circumstances threaten to make a mess of our hope, we must plunge our stake of faith-filled trust into the Solid Rock. Jesus. He alone has the ability to anchor us to hope. In fact, He is our hope. Even when we don’t see the very thing we long to see.

One of the most powerful things hope does is help us to accept reality without crumbling. Like Abraham, we can face facts without wavering.

Hope—genuine, radiant, unfaltering hope that doesn’t evaporate in the scorching heat of adverse conditions—is inextricably entwined with faith and trust. And the recipient upon which we pin our faith and our trust can never be anything less than the One who is worthy and able and utterly trustworthy.


Lord, I am grateful that the hope You offer me enables me to face and accept reality while daring to believe You for change. I don’t have to stick my head in the sand. I don’t have to live in denial. I can face the facts yet embrace holy hope. As I continue to trust You, teach me continually to embrace holy hope by embracing and believing You. Today I declare that I will dare to believe the promises You have whispered to my heart. By Your effusive grace I will hold on to hope. In the strong name of Jesus, Amen.

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