Crazy Holidays? PRAY Like Crazy.

Got all kinds of family crazy going on? I’m pretty dang sure you’re not alone. When we’re dealing with some uncomfortable or awkward or just plain hard family situations, and hoping against all hope that somehow, someway, our family holiday get-togethers will veer toward peaceful, there’s hope!

The reality is there are no guarantees what any member of our family may or may not decide to do. But the good news is, we can hold on to our peace. And we can do our parts to attempt to live at peace with those around us, knowing it won’t always be reciprocated or appreciated.

No matter. Because when we’ve got family crazy happening, we can pray like crazy. And thank God, He always hears our prayers and gives us grace. God can change the atmosphere of our homes and our hearts even in the middle of the holiday flat-crazy. (Thank God!)


Lord, I long to be a peace maker, I long to live at peace with my family and friends and neighbors, and I long for my heart and my home to be filled with Your amazing peace—especially as the holidays begin.

And so God I commit to doing my part. Help me to overlook, let go, truly forgive, speak kind words, and in other ways to do my part to promote family harmony and peace. Give me grace to live at peace with those around me, though I realize it’s not always possible. Still, help me by Your power to do my part, and trust You with the results.

I invite You, Lord, into every holiday gathering. May Your presence change everything. May the atmosphere shift and may Your supernatural peace prevail. In the awesome name of Jesus, Amen. 

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jmrs1010 said...

I love this. I need this. I should post this on my mirror and refer to it often. Holidays are often fueled with alcohol and bitterness, God help me navigate it! (Also, super cute haircut!)

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