Let's PRAY Together During the Coronavirus Crazy! {A Video}

In uncertain times, prayer is our lifeline. We hold tightly to the Lord and cry out to Him for mercy, protection, provision, and peace. Many of you have communicated to me that you are not on Facebook, so I wanted to share this video on maintaining a calm heart in the middle of the coronavirus crazy from my Soul Transforming Prayers Facebook page.

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Reading this via email? CLICK HERE to watch the video and leave a comment. 


Unknown said...

Thank you, Julie, for this devotion and prayer. It is just what we need. God bless you!

Julie Gillies said...

Thank you for praying with me!

Kim said...

Lord, my Husband & I, my Mom, we are reaching the end of our time here on Earth but we have Children, Grandchildren, future Great-Grandchildren. For them, we Pray. Keep them safe & secure in the knowledge that You are in control of every situation. Help us to see clearly that any chaos is of human creation, not yours. Just as Adam & Eve, Noah's neighbors, Jonah, & even King David, let us not turn from Truth, let us not stray, or be disobedient to Your Will. Whatever we need to learn from our Life Experiences, past, present, & future, allow us to learn & grow in our Faith, experience Your Peace, & feel Secure in Your Presence, Your Love. We Praise You! We Love You! We are Thankful & Joyful because of You, Lord! Amen (Kim)

maniha shah said...

Corona virus is very dangerous especially for who don't follow the SOP's and don't wear the mask during the work and at the public place. but many peoples are also recovered to this virus, for last 3 months many logo designing company are also doing work from home and many agencies and company don't follow the SOP's but that's not fair.

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