I'm so glad you're here! All of my books are infused with Scripture and serious encouragement. I’m a fan of learning by doing, so you will find either prayers or truth-filled statements to guide you and boost your heart in each one. 

My third book, Prayers to Calm Your Anxious Heart: 100 Reassuring Devotions is now available wherever books are sold!

Here are a few real comments from Amazon reviews:
This is a book everyone can benefit from. Everybody feels anxiety at some point in their life and this book will soothe your mind as you read it.

I have found in just a few short days this little book to be a great help when anxiety strikes. Just ordered a second copy to share with a good friend facing medical issues. I plan to keep an extra on hand at all times.

It has wonderful devotions, prayers, and places to journal your thoughts. So glad I found this!

Here are a few real comments from Amazon reviews:

This is by far the best women's prayer book I have read. I relate to all of her stories. I feel like we could be twins! lol This book has been a huge help in strengthening my relationship with God.

This has been like salve to my soul. I love the many prayers that are covered and the ability to soak this in throughout the week.

Ultra inspirational! Wonderful expression of my own feelings. So happy I came across this blessing. Thank you to Julie Gillies, from the bottom of my heart.

This book is awesome. Whatever you are enduring or feeling you can find the topic in here, relate to it and pray about it. I just love it.

This book is truly amazing. Julie breaks it down to topics and the prayers are soo powerful. Almost like she is speaking for me. Has humbled me and transformed my thoughts.

I read a lot of devotional type of books, this has to be on the top of my list, Julie is able to capture words that describe exactly how women act, react to situations and then she reminds us of beautiful scripture that God placed in his book, the Bible to help us with everything we face in life. Thanks Julie for writing this!!

Here are a few real comments from Amazon reviews:

This book! WOW!!! "From Hot Mess to Blessed", spoke to the deep recesses of my heart. Julie shares her heart with such transparency and beautiful vulnerability and draws you in, bringing freedom as you read and absorb the truths she shares.

Julie Gillies has such a spirit of the Lord and a way with words. This book is wonderful work of art and encouragement for the soul. I now consider myself a blessed hot mess! Thank you Julie :-)

Love this book! So many times an author will tell you about "problems" and never share what they went through or what happened to help the problem. I love all the personalization, the honesty, the discussion of the Biblical characters with similar problems. I've heard or studied some of them before but I am not good with application so this is great for me! Makes me see how small my own problems are and that Jesus is always working.

One of the reasons I appreciate Julie’s sharing is because of her honest and open writing about her painful past. God uses those who have suffered in challenging circumstances to speak to the hearts of others...and in doing so, brings freedom. This is true of Julie's writing. She shares bravely, and that bravery brings us closer to the power available to each one of us through honestly assessing and actively affirming truth in our own lives. 


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