An Autumn Thrill

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. The fall foliage is a spectacular, never-ending smorgasboard for my eyes. Crisp, refreshing air, fresh apple cider and warm donuts just make me want to twirl. And I frequently do. (It burns calories, you know.)

Unfortunately, I live in Florida - land of zero autumn. But guess what? As you read this, I'm not in Florida. I'm waaaay up north, in Michigan - my former home state and home of my favorite (and only) sister. Why, I'll bet as you read these very words I'm twirling in a brisk breeze, singing for joy because I get to wear a sweater.

My (nearly) 13-year old daughter, Emily, doesn't usually get to come with me on these fall visits, but this year is different. Waaay different. Emily is thrilled to be an movie extra in a production currently filming in Michigan. My sister Connie works in the industry, and is working on the set, so it will be a real family event, sort of. On a side note, Connie is also executive producing three T.V. pilots and hopes to find a buyer for (at least) one of them next year. God knows we need more Christians in the movie industry!

I will be playing the part of the ever-watchful mom on the sidelines, making sure my daughter is protected every second on set. I love how God throws these little adventures into my life. Especially when autumn is part of the thrill.

How about you? Would you allow your son or daughter to be in a movie? Do you think Chrisitians belong in Hollywood (or in the thriving movie industry in Michigan)?

And tell me - do you get to enjoy fall in your neck of the woods?


Kelly said...

Well, I was an extra in a Charlie Sheen movie and it was thrilling. But I don't know if I'd let my child, unless like you I got to be ever present on the side-lines. Hollywood - no. That movie mecca Michigan - yes.

Would love to see more Christian programming. Hooray - Julie's sister!

Autumn - I like brunswich stew, and mums, and crisp days...but not COLD. Unless its snowing. I love the snow.

Angela said...

We love fall and you are invited up anytime to New England! I have so many traditions around this time of year, like stew, apple picking, pumpkin carving and a bundle of other ideas!

Unknown said...

Northeastern Pennsylvania is GORGEOUS in the fall (if only the snow didn't follow, haha)

Yes, I think it is a good thing to have Christians in TV/movie production as long as they don't compromise their standards.

Susie said...

Having seen and heard up close what is going on in Hollywood from my sister and my nephew, I wouldn't have a big problem with them being in a movie. I would have a problem with them living in LA and the whole lifestyle that can go with it.

I think there are some awesome Christians in Hollywood, but it doesn't seem like they are the ones people talk about much. You and Emily have fun!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! We need Christians to penetrate Hollywood! Can you imagine the difference it would make in our culture! With God all things are possible!

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! I am originally from Northern Illinois and being in Kansas City in the Fall isn't quite as crisp and beautiful, but I still get to enjoy a slice of a short-lived Autumn climate!

How exciting for you and your family!

Enjoy twirling!


Joyful said...

Autumn is my favourite time of the year too. Being North of the border in Canada, we truly get a wonderful taste of Fall. This weekend is our Thanksgiving and we are heading further North to enjoy the beauty of creation.
Counting my blessings,

Anonymous said...

Julie, I was in Florida in December 1979 (my first and only time in Florida). Remember the energy crisis?? No heated pools, torches keeping the oranges warm in the groves, Americans wearing winter coats while all us doofy Canadian tourists grew goose bumps on our goose bumps wearing shorts and tank tops because hey - it doesn't get cold in Florida! DOY!

I love fall too. No allergies to suffer from. Sleep with real cool air coming from the window instead of the air vents. Beautiful colours on the trees, crunching leaves beneath your feet ... what better season is there.

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