A Young Girl's Dream Come True

So there we were, in Michigan, pumped and stoked. Pumped because the refreshing air and golden leaves made my daughter and I giddy. Stoked because Emily's debut as an extra in a feature film beamed on the horizon. Throw in fresh, warm donuts and hot cider and I promise you we both nearly swooned.

I declare that when I step through heaven's gates, it will smell remarkably similar to this fabulous cider mill where fresh donuts are made all day long. Mmmm.

Fast forward to mid-week, when filming on Main Street was scheduled. Unfortunately, the weather refused to cooperate. Due to rain, all exterior scenes were cancelled, and the filming switched to inside of Gina's Bridal shop. While the crew set up, we stepped inside and took some pics, thanks to my handy sister, who knew every person on the set.

Emily watching the preparations for a soon to be filmed scene.

Okay, I admit it. I am entirely out of the Hollywood loop. I did not know who the stars were, so sue me. But Connie pointed out Michael Vartan, the male lead, and I snapped his picture while he gave a local interview.

While we ate lunch right next door to the bridal shop, Connie said, "Oh Julie, there's Sean Astin. Go take his picture." You guessed it - I didn't know who he was, either. Apparently he was in Lord of the Rings, and my husband and son were thrilled and wanted the picture, so I stepped outside the sandwich shop and clicked away, desperately hoping that I was photographing the correct person.

Sean Astin trying to keep dry.

On Thursday we were informed that due to uncooperative weather, the production schedule was completely changed and no extras would be needed until Saturday morning. Unfortunately, our flight required us to be at the airport at the crack of dawn...on Saturday morning. Although disappointed that things did not work out, Emily's attitude was surprisingly good. I was so proud of her!

On Friday morning, I tried in vain to check in for our flight on-line. Imagine my surprise in discovering that our flight didn't leave at 9am, but 9pm. Stunned, I could only wonder how on earth I had chosen the wrong flight. You see, I detest flying at night and never book night flights.

"Mom, don't you see?" Emily piped up from the next room. "God is making it so I can be in the movie!"


A perfect, cloudless Saturday morning found us downtown in the midst of Hollywood come to Michigan. Emily wound up in 4 or 5 scenes. And guess what? I even became an extra for one scene...right along with my daughter. What fun we had doing our little parts together 6 times. I can only hope that we don't wind up on the cutting room floor.

The director, J.B. Rogers (in white T-shirt) getting the perfect shot.

Emily on set between takes. (In the bright pink shirt behind the bush.)

Emily has big dreams. She hopes to act for several years so that she can earn a lot of money - in order to finance building an orphanage. In India. At some point, she also desires to teach young children. But for now, we are both amazed at God's faithfulness to coordinate schedules and open doors - and His goodness to give a young girl the desire of her heart.


Kelly said...

She is a beauty! Loved all the pictures.

I was an extra in a movie with Charlie Sheen and Linda Hamilton here in VA about 14 years ago. I enjoyed it and took lots of pictures, which have become missing over the years. If I ever find them, I've promised to blog about it complete with photos.

Thanks for sharing you're adventure.

Julie Gillies said...

Kelly - how cool that you were in a movie with Charlie Sheen! I hope you find your pix...we'd all love to see them!

Susie said...

I've been keeping up with your trip through Facebook and I've been so excited for your daughter.

I would love to see the good that your daughter could do in Hollywood if given the opportunity.

I am now craving doughnuts. Thanks a lot!

Shawna said...

I LOVE the way the airplane tickets worked out! She is right. That had to have been orchestrated by God, and I am so thrilled she knew this. Great job, Mom.

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