Happy Thanksgiving

It never fails to amaze me. One minute there are 4th of July fireworks blasting off in my driveway, and then suddenly it's Thanksgiving. My Gram used to tell me that every year Christmas came faster. As a child I never understood what she meant...Christmas takes forever to arrive when you're a kid.

Now, of course, I not only understand, I live it--and make every effort not to freak out when I turn around and discover it's already time to start decking the halls.

My goal this year is to lower my expectations for the holiday season and instead to focus on growing closer to Jesus, my husband, and my family. And to keep a running mental list of the things for which I'm thankful. Like the fact that our oldest son is finally home from his 3rd tour of Iraq--and that we will be spending Thanksgiving with his beautiful wife and our four grandkids up in Tennessee. We're hoping for a chance to see snow...or at least cooler weather.

Speaking of snow, the WINNER of Billy Coffey's charming book, Snow Day, is Rachel B. Congrats! Please e-mail me your snail mail address so I can send your book!

How about you? Do you feel like the holidays come faster every year? What are you thankful for right now?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Diane said...

The days sure are flying by. Thankful for being useful to God this day. Hugs! :O)

Cindy in PA said...

Yes, the years go by at the speed of light now. I remember counting down to my birthday or Christmas and it taking forever (as a kid). Now every time I turn around...bam!

Since today has me chilled for some reason, I'm thankful for a warm home. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Rachel Beran said...

Oh wow, I won the book! Thank you! :) Looking forward to reading it.

So happy to hear your son is home from Iraq! Praise the Lord!!

Yes, the years seem to go faster the older I get.

I am thankful for a lot of things. Mostly, I'm thankful that I am aware of all the blessings around me. It seems so many people walk around in an ungrateful fog, unable to see, sometimes. Thankful for perspective and that I know WHO to thank! :)

Cheryl Barker said...

Julie, wonderful news about your son being home from Iraq and you all getting to spend Thanksgiving together. Have a wonderful holiday together!

Karen said...

Oh, my yes. Julie, so glad your son is coming home!! And to go see those great grandkids!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Walk In Truth said...

Hi Julie,
wishing you and your family a very wonderful Thanksgiving.

God bless you,
Michele Katherine

mariel said...

I am thankful for the presence of my God in the midst of busy days! He is so very faithful isn't He?!

You are so right about the days flying by!! Oh, Lord, teach us to number our days!!

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh I missed the drawing for Billy's book. I must read it! I hope your holiday was great. We miss our family and so the holidays are the same but thankful still:)

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