It’s the NEW 2014 Prayers for a Woman’s Soul Online Book Study! {And YOU Choose the Topics!}

An invitation to refresh and pamper yourself
with soul-transforming prayer!
  • Multitasking, overwhelmed women
  • Women who pray for others yet put their own prayer needs on the back burner
  • Women with real issues, who long to pray relevant, powerful prayers
  • Women who yearn to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and renewed
What: The 2014 Prayer’s for a Woman’s Soul Online Book Study!

When: Begins Monday, February 10th, 2014

How it Works: Every Monday (for 6 weeks) you will receive an email from me with that week’s reading and prayer plan. We’ll interact and share what we’ve prayed and learned on my blog (via the comments section) throughout the week. I will also be posting on the Prayers for a Woman's Soul COMMUNITY FACEBOOK PAGE  and responding to your thoughts there, too.

Flexibility: Because we’re meeting through my blog, you can participate at your convenience—any time of day, any day of the week.

How to Sign Up: Sign up for my blog updates (use the little red box on the right sidebar of my blog) and you will receive each week’s instructions and encouragement right in your email inbox.

What You’ll Need:
  • A copy of the book—you can get it HERE or HERE (and lots of other places).
  • A notebook
  • Your Bible
{Exciting Announcement!} This time around, I’m giving you the opportunity to vote for the topics you want covered in this 6-week study! Interested in giving me your opinion? Then vote with this SURVEY!

Are you weary or overwhelmed? Are you in desperate need of refreshing?Ladies, it’s time to turn our hearts and minds to the One who longs to be our strength and song. As we set apart time to begin the holy habit of praying for ourselves, drawing nearer to the Lord as we do, His presence will refresh and revive our hearts. His Holy Spirit will transform us. And we will be equipped to soar through our days.

This is an invitation to start your year right and begin a soul-transforming journey—for you! Pamper yourself by shifting your spiritual needs from the back burner to the front burner.

Things are going to get interactive on the PRAYERS FOR A WOMAN'S SOUL FACEBOOK PAGE, where I will be posting prayers, responding to comments, and praying with you every day. (The Facebook page is optional and not required to participate. I’ve included it for those who would like more day-to-day interaction.)

I would love for you to join me
…as we begin the holy habit of praying—for ourselves! I'm looking forward to spending special time with you each week and seeing what God is going to do in our prayer lives. I will be praying for each of you!

Tell me, what is the number one topic on my survey that you want to pray about most?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie! Thanks for the survey. Looking forward to reading about the results/seeing if any of my suggestions made "the cut" ; ) God bless you for caring about us. xo CarolAnne (I use the profile "anonymous" b/c I am not familiar with the others!)

Wanda said...

Hi Julie...I have been missing your posts but remembered you were taking time to rest. Looking forward to learning with you and from you. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for having another study. I'm praying I will follow through on this study. God Bless you!

Unknown said...

Can't wait! I really enjoyed it last time.

Ellen said...

Looking forward to this! I will be in the middle of moving and it will keep me focused in God!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Losing weight...setting it as a priority. It is important for me to look and feel my best. As I approach 55, I realize I need to keep myself healthy, mentally, physically and spiritually, I have been too busy for years. Thanks Julie !

Funke said...

Thank you so much. Im glad to be a part of this and know that by His grace my life will not remain the same again.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to start. My soul is so weary and 2014 took a turn I did not expect. Thank you Julie!

Anonymous said...

As I journal through the topic of making decisions I realize that I find it hard to make a decision. I either question myself before I make the decision or after I make the decision I start to worry that it was the wrong decision. The scripture verse hit me that I need to go to the ONE who can guide me as I make my decision but I must look to him first to find that peace that surpasses all understanding...

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