Praying About Our Identities

I think it’s something every women struggles with at least occasionally: truly knowing and believing who we are in Christ. 

We struggle with our identities because we know our past, our inner thoughts and our ongoing struggles and failures. And yet Scripture is so clear. God loves us anyway. He created us, treasures us, forgives us, and has given us sparkling fresh and new identities (thank God!).


What distortions or lies concerning yourself might be embedded in your heart? Do you feel you’ve ever adhered to names the Lord never intended for you (such as Insecure, Unloved, Unknown, Lame, Invisible, Worthless…).


Lord, help me to protect my thoughts about myself. Help me not to agree with the enemy’s lies or my own inaccurate misperceptions about myself. Please bring healing and freedom to my heart in this area. Whenever I start to think the wrong thing about myself, nudge me by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Help me to replace every negative thought with truth. Help me to understand and truly believe that I am Yours, loved, accepted, of great value, and precious in Your sight. Help me to believe that I truly am fearfully and wonderfully made. In the strong name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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