A Prayer For Election Day

Lord, on this Election Day, we cry for mercy and for You to intervene in our nation. Oversee and orchestrate every detail of our elections today, Lord. Move on the hearts of Your people to PRAY. Move on the hearts of Your people to do their parts and VOTE according to biblical principles. Lead and guide and direct every person at every poll. 

May peace, integrity, honesty, accuracy and truth prevail today. Lord, oppose and prevent all evil schemes, tampering, and dishonesty. God, may Your plans and purposes in and for and through the U.S.A. prevail, today and always. 

Lastly Lord, please change the atmosphere of our country as only You can. Move on hearts. Disarm the powers of darkness and may light and truth overtake every dark place. May the name of Jesus be deeply honored in every town and city in America. And may the reverential fear of Almighty God sweep across our nation. In the strong name of Jesus, Amen. 

Click here to watch my prayer video for Election Day. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more devotion and prayer videos!

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