Peace In Anxious Times

Talk about God's perfect timing. This week I chatted with Martha from the Inside Out radio program about maintaining peace during anxious times. It's a 10 minute interview discussing the discomfort we're all prone to feeling and the presence of God which calms our hearts. 

Click here to listen to the Peace in Anxious Times radio interview.

Below is a blog post I wrote years ago on the topic of seeking God in anxious circumstances. Praying these resources bless your heart. 

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, pushed out of your comfort zone, struggling with worry, or at the end of your rope?

You aren't alone.

Several days ago my hubby and I got hit with some unexpected, not-so-good news that sent me into an emotional tailspin. It was just one more thing heaped onto an already heavy, overloaded plate.

{Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden and overburdened.}

After sending out a prayer S.O.S. to some family members and close friends, I rushed into my bedroom, closed the door, and hit my knees. The impact marks on my heart lightened up a bit, and I returned to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner--yet I sensed anxiety percolating.

{And I will cause you to rest.}

The next morning my heart and mind were a muddy brew of stress and freakout 3.0 I needed Jesus--His peace, His calming presence, His assurance. So I switched on some good music, took some deep breaths, and called His name. And there He was. My Prince of Peace.

{I will ease and relieve and refresh your soul.}

As I sang and the tears flowed, He gently spoke. And somehow, even though nothing had changed, everything had changed. Because when God speaks, every cell in our bodies responds with overwhelming joy, relief, and peace.

Joy because He loves us. Relief because He cares enough to speak to us. And peace because no anxiety or worry can remain in His presence.

Be anxious for nothing, He said to me. And it was enough.

I'm praying that you will imagine Jesus taking your beautiful face into His hands, looking you in the eyes, and whispering Be anxious for nothing.

Let's turn our high anxiety to high praise for the One who, with a single touch, changes everything.

Be anxious for nothing. But in everything with prayer and supplication
with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension,
will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

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