Little Things Where They Don't Belong

As if a spider invasion wasn’t enough. Now my bathroom sink is swarming with teeny tiny ants. And for little things, those miniscule ants are tenacious.

And annoying.

And I hate them in my toothpaste.

But I’m starting to get a clue. Like maybe, just maybe God is speaking to me—about little things where they don’t belong.

Like a teeny tiny attitude issue swarming through my heart. Because a bad attitude can be a relatively small, momentary thing (think cranky toddler before nap time), or it can become something more substantial that worsens until it explodes (think Hatfield—McCoy drama).

But our attitude about any particular person or situation is always up to us. Because the truth is, we can’t control a person’s response, our job situation, the economy, or our toddler’s tantrums. 
But we can control our attitude—with God’s help.

We can choose to not to allow teeny tiny issues to swarm unattended in our hearts. Because little things, when not properly dealt with, have the ability to expand into big, annoying things very quickly.

Just like my ant problem. At first, it was only a couple of teeny tiny ants, which I ignored, hoping they’d disappear. Don’t we sometimes take the same approach with our attitudes? After all, it’s only a small, negative thought. Nobody will notice.

But like those pesky ants, soon the entire colony has set up shop right next to my toothbrush holder. And before I know it, that small attitude issue has expanded, colonized and practically taken over my heart.

It can be a real mess—that spreads.

So when God points out to me—through the unlikely scenario of teeny, tiny ants all around my bathroom sink—that my attitude needs attention, I’m actually grateful. Because if God didn’t love me, He wouldn’t even bother pointing out my blind spots.

But He loves me. And He loves you. And He gives us the opportunity to cooperate with His Holy Spirit by repenting, seeking forgiveness, and changing our attitudes so that they truly honor Him.

Which is why I’m sometimes thankful for strange things—like teeny, tiny ants in my bathroom—and an awesome, forgiving God who, through His grace, enables me to respond and walk (most of the time) with a good attitude. 


Terri Tiffany said...

Thank you for an encouraging reminder and way to start the day!

Susan said...

I hate ants too! But boy-oh-boy will those little things PREACH to you!
Thanks, Julie!

Rachel Beran said...

Ouch! I really needed this reminder...again. Makes me thankful for those little pesky ants too. ;)


Ah ... those pesky little things.

Wendi Washington-Hunt said...

Yep. I have identified some tiny ickiness. do I get rid of it???

Suggestion for ants: MaxForce (There must be a biblical analogy there..). They pick up the granules, thinking they are food, and take them back to the colony and queen to feed on.

Cheryl Barker said...

Julie, I've been struggling with my attitude towards someone for awhile now. I've also been taking my feelings to the Lord and asking him to help me. Sometimes these pesky pests need ongoing attention, huh?

Ginny said...

There is one thing about changing an attitude...But ants, well, I had a thousand of them in my cupboard where I keep my dishes! It seems they found a tiny morsel of chocolate frosting and invited all their relatives to feast! Not only was it dusgusting, but it freaked me out majoy....I don't think is was a reminder from God...I think the joke was on me!

Kimberly said...

I have for sure battled ants in my home and icky attitudes in my heart! Actually, just shot a prayer request out to a friend asking her to pray for me where I am struggling with my attitude towards someone in my life right now. And you are so attitude is my choice! So glad He speaks to us and convicts our hearts. (I prefer He not have to use ants, though.) :)

Amy said...

So wonderful Miss Julie! Blind spots are my weakness. I'm incredibly thankful tonight for how He protects me and covers my "ants" with grace! ~ Blessings sister, Amy

Anonymous said...

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