Because I'm Not Fond of Change, Thank You Very Much

It caught me by surprise, mostly because it was time, and I knew it.

Yet head knowledge did not prevent my heart from cracking open and spilling onto the worn blue carpet, where I sat and wept right next to the vacuum cleaner I’d been using only moments before. 

Memories of the son who had moved just days prior squeezed my heart tighter, eliciting yet more tears as I battle to embrace the season I’m in, yet allow myself permission to grieve a precious season in my life that has come to a close.


It’s an uncomfortable word, especially if you prefer routine. And these past few weeks I’ve struggled through several major changes, most of which involve our middle child, our 22 year old son.

Two weeks ago Joshua was sworn in to the US Army, and this former mom of one soldier became the teary-eyed mom of two. He will begin basic training in January. Three days ago that same son moved into his very first apartment—a move we celebrated as he prepares it for his soon-to-be new bride. Joshua and Audrey will be married in just 10 days—a very good thing.

Which is why the tears surprised me so.

But sometimes I think we simply need to allow our emotions to catch up with an abundance of change. We need to take time to breathe deeply, recognize that change is necessary, allow ourselves time to process it all, and most importantly, cling to the One who never changes.
Because if we have to deal with change, we certainly don’t want to do it alone.

I don’t know what changes you are going through, but if you’ll leave a comment, I’ll pray for you this week as I go through mine—wedding plans and all.

And together we can move forward in the grace of Jesus Christ—the One who is (I'm so relieved to say this) the same yesterday, today, and forever. 


Terri Tiffany said...

I tend to cry during change too--I think we need it to move on. We are going through a major change here in August--I'm not sure I'm ready for it and will involved tears of sadness and joy:)

Susan said...

Keeping you in my prayers, Julie. Lots going on with you this summer, so don't be surprised by the sudden waves of emotion.
Hugs from VA,

Cheryl Barker said...

Aw, Julie, my heart goes out to you. So hard to let our kids go. Better you're getting some of the tears out now than be melting down during the entire wedding! :) I pray all will go beautifully!

Lisa said...

I can so relate to your heart here. Change is very difficult and I too am thankful for the One who never changes. I will be praying for you as your son moves forward to the next exciting season of his life.

Hester's Heart said...


I appreciate your words here very much. Thinking of you as you navigate these waters of change. ;)

Love, Hester ;)

Leslie Basil Payne said...

How timely for me to read this. In a few minutes I'll be waving off our neighbors from two floors above in our condo building. Two years ago these folks were strangers. Now they are like family...and moving back home to Sweden. Their two children have had my heart since day one. How I will miss them!

May the Lord bless and encourage your tender heart, Julie.

Mothering From Scratch said...

{Kathy} I have met you a couple of times, not sure if you remember me. Melinda Means is my writing partner.
I am currently waiting for my first son to start college in August. When you said emotions have to catch up with an abundance of change, I completely saw myself. Many times I just sort of "realize" what is about to happen and tears start flowing.

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