Front-Burner Prayer Women

You're busy. Stressed. Slightly overwhelmed.

And you have a prayer list as long as your arm that includes (but is not limited to): your husband, your kids, an ailing parent, your shrinking household budget, your sick pet, your best friend's job situation, politics and national and world events.

The last person you even think to pray for

Many of us are front-burner prayer women, praying for whatever is boiling over at the moment (and there's always something boiling over!). And all those somethings add up and demand our attention and our prayers.

So we put ourselves in last place.

We relegate ourselves to the back burner because we're nurturers. We're caretakers. And we wrongly assume we should only focus on praying for others, because praying for ourselves feels...selfish.

Sweet friends, I am here to tell you that if Jesus prayed for Himself, and King David prayed for himself, then we should, too. We can't afford not to cover ourselves with prayer on a regular basis. Let's humbly acknowledge that we cannot give away what we don't have; that we need a divine download of peace, joy, wisdom and strength to not only get through our days, but so we can soar through our days.

Prayer for ourselves is not selfish--it's absolutely necessary.

And that's where my new book, {insert an excited squeal here} Prayers for a Woman's Soul, (releasing January 1, 2013 by Harvest House Publishers) comes in.

It's a holy invitation for busy, overwhelmed women with long prayer lists to take time to pray--for themselves. This 52-week devotional covers topics that matter most to you. Like your mind. Your emotions. Perfectionism. Guilt. Your dreams. And so much more. It includes powerful personal stories and 365 topic-related, personalized Scripture verses.

Front-burner prayer women unite! And realize it's okay to pray for yourself. 

So go ahead and indulge. Be refreshed. And pamper your soul! (You are totally worth it!)

You can sign up to receive 5 days worth of FREE devotions at the top of my sidebar. Or you can pre-order my book by clicking HEREYou can also read more about the book by clicking on "Julie's Book" at the top of the page or by visiting My Author Page at Harvest House Publishers.


Cindy in PA said...

Thank you for your wise words about praying for ourselves! I've signed up for your emails and will be ordering your book. I'm so excited for you and thankful too! Blessings!

Cheryl Barker said...

Super excited for you, Julie!

Hester's Heart said...

I love your analogy: we are front burner women caring for the immediate needs of what is overflowing in our lives. Soo very true! THank you for your encouragement Julie,

I'm very excited for you and your book! What a wonderful celebration! Love, Hester ;)

Julie Sunne said...

Thrilled for you, Julie! You have a wonderfully, sweet way of writing that speaks to the hearts of women. And I am definitely a front burner woman!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for your book release. I visit your blog often and your words so often connect to my life. I pray that as christian women we would be more faithful in our prayer life. There is such power in prayer. I am planning on purchasing one of your books for a sweet lady in my church. I lead a small group and this lady visited and we were talking about praying for yourself and she shared that she had never prayed for herself and alway thought that she was being selfish if she did. This would be a great book for her.

Colleen Reske said...


I am just getting thru older emails and read this post. I am so excited for you! This book sounds wonderful, and I am interested in buying in when it is released. I have felt guilty praying for myself - it's just so much easier to pray for others! Thank you for writing this book... I am certain I will find it helpful in learning to pray for myself and my own Spiritual journey.

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